Blackline Safety’s newest line of cloud-enabled G7 wearable safety devices is helping people to work smarter and safer.

New Smart, Connected Wearables by Blackline Safety

The easily configurable G7 wearables – small, wireless devices worn like a pager or beeper – accurately detect gas leaks, falls and other health events in all types of business environments, from lone workers in the field to retail, industrial and office workers. They can also be used for contact tracing purposes or to determine how often workers travel through high-risk areas.

The devices operate on available cellular or satellite networks and deploy in minutes, straight out of the box. Workers are instantly alerted to emergency situations to facilitate streamlined evacuation and emergency response procedures, and if workers themselves are harmed or injured, their location is pinpointed so emergency responders know exactly where to go and what conditions to expect.

G7 wearables are backed by state-of-the-art cloud-based software solutions to enable centralized safety monitoring from any Internet-connected smartphone, tablet or computer. From the moment devices are connected to a network, they begin logging time and location-stamped data for easy safety reporting and better decision making.

Optional add-on services include 24/7 live monitoring by Blackline Safety’s Safety Operations Center and data science consulting services to help companies take their data analysis to the next level, identifying the right resources and strategies to keep their employees safe and allowing them to move from reactive to proactive safety practices.

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