The industry leader in slip-resistant safety footwear joins forces with the #1 Workers’ Compensation Insurance Brokerage.

Boca Raton, FL and Las Vegas, NV: Shoes For Crews, LLC and Chief Insurance Solutions, LLC are pleased to announce a partnership that can provide businesses with up to 15% off their workers’ compensation insurance premium when they protect employees from slips and falls by instituting a company paid safety footwear program exclusively from Shoes For Crews. Chief Insurance Solutions, LLC and Shoes For Crews, LLC have collaborated their expertises to provide companies with this new, innovative solution to workplace safety and cost savings.

As a result of this partnership, companies can benefit from short-term and long-term savings on their workers’ compensation insurance while reducing claims and expediting the ROI of their slip-resistant footwear program. In addition, Chief Insurance Solutions, LLC can provide a detailed claims analysis to further recommend claims management and workplace safety solutions that will drive down the cost of workers’ compensation insurance over time, in addition to slip-resistant footwear programs.

Slip-resistant footwear programs have been proven to reduce workers compensation claims as well as associated costs surrounding slip and fall accidents in the workplace. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 85% of workers comp claims can be traced to employees falling on slippery floors. A recent NIOSH study published in 2019 confirmed that participants in a Shoes For Crews slip-resistant footwear program reduced slip and fall occurrence by an impressive 67%.

“We strongly support proactive measures to prevent against workplace accidents and injuries, protecting both workers and the companies bottom line,” says Samantha Foster, Workers Compensation Broker and Consultant for Chief Insurance Solutions, LLC. “As such, we could not be more excited to launch this partnership with Shoes For Crews!”

About Chief Insurance Solutions: Chief Insurance Solutions, LLC is the #1 Brokerage and Consulting Firm with a specialization in workers’ compensation insurance for employers of all kinds and sizes. Chief Insurance Solutions, LLC is recognized for its unparalleled customer service, including its’ wide range of benefits such as accelerated risk management, human resources assistance, comprehensive workplace safety services, and consultation on a wide range of topics that affect employers.

About Shoes For Crews: Since 1984, Shoes For Crews has been a leading provider of safety solutions and innovator in slip-resistant footwear, with shoe styles to meet the needs of almost any industry and profession. Visit for information on their managed safety programs, 60 Day Guarantee, Free Fast Exchanges and $5,000 Warranty.

For information on this partnership and the workers’ compensation insurance discount opportunity, contact Cliff Blood, Shoes For Crews VP of Sales-Business Development at 610-763-5988 or email