NFINET’s technology is designed so the homeowner controls their distinctive, uninterrupted strand of fiber to the internet without sharing.

South Bend, IN – NFINET, an innovative fiber optic company, is pleased to announce a ribbon cutting ceremony to showcase its game-changing technology. The event, which is open to the public, will be held on Oct. 6th from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. EDT at the model home at the Hills at St. Joe Farm, 12779 Brick Rd, Granger, IN 46530.

NFINET is currently deploying its technology in Granger, IN for the Hills at St. Joe Farm development through its partnership with Irish Realty and The Village Development, LLC. Unlike traditional internet service that is shared by entire neighborhoods from the same line, NFINET’s technology is designed so the homeowner controls their own distinctive, uninterrupted strand of fiber to the without sharing or depleting bandwidth from the source fiber backbone.

The ribbon cutting ceremony will include complimentary cocktails courtesy of The Indiana Whiskey Company and food via onsite trucks. In addition to brief introductions and opening remarks from the company’s executives and supply partners, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the power and reliability of NFINET’s high-speed fiber optic capabilities for themselves through demonstrations of the technology and a livestream music broadcast.

“We want to emphasize connectivity and treating innovative crossroads infrastructure as the community asset that it is,” says NFINET Chief Executive Officer Charles Florance. “There’s no better demonstration for that than partnering with the Hills at St. Joe Farm as a neighborhood that’s already adopting its own independent technologies for its homeowners.”

The Hills at St. Joe Farm is a perfect development for NFINET’s high-speed internet service and how it can be deployed in 21st-century communities because it showcases the new way for homeowners to access, pay for, and receive true high-speed internet service without the throttled speeds, capped data, or poor customer service currently delivered by the industry. NFINET’s internet connection boasts verifiable symmetric 1Gb speeds directly to homes via a dedicated fiber optic strand. What is more, NFINET’s customer support prides itself on friendly and thorough interactions. New residents of the Hills can enjoy 30 years of fee-free service with their NFINET purchase. NFINET plans to offer 20-year and 5-year service agreements to other areas.

NFINET recently won a grant from the Proof of Concept Fund administered by Startup South Bend|Elkhart. Grant criteria require that a recipient’s business models be repeatable, scalable and address a national or global market.

This new internet delivery model changes the way the service is paid for—and for how long. The fee for the fiber internet connection is paid upfront by the homeowner, thereby eliminating the often-fluctuating monthly internet bill. The connection is transferrable in case the property is sold, and the one-time payment covers years of fee-free Gigabit internet service, all necessary equipment, and the fiber’s installation to the home. NFINET is able to guarantee the lifetime of these installations in part because of the superior engineering quality delivered by Hexatronic, its primary supply partner.

A notable aspect of NFINET’s technology is its inherent security. The physical infrastructure of the connection makes the signal nearly impossible to intercept or tamper with. That leads to enhanced privacy for its users and prevents prioritizing other data ahead of the user. The network is designed to allow for specific virtual private connections that meet strict personal privacy, as well as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA), requirements. This adds further value and peace of mind to a community as it explores new ways to use its improved connections.

Founded in 2021, NFINET is a South Bend, IN-based fiber optic technology company. NFINET provides homeowners with an actively managed, direct-to-home, dedicated fiber strand internet connection. The technology becomes an asset to the home and adds value. NFINET gives residents the fastest and most reliable bandwidth speeds, aligns its results with customer satisfaction, and offers all of this for a fraction of the cost of other providers. To learn more, please visit

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