“Build The Future More Efficiently™” will be utilized by the company to emphasize their more efficient, safer and faster solutions.

pcx iso promo logoRaleigh, NC, February 27, 2020 — PCX has formally announced that the company updated its tagline to better focus on the needs of their clients and reflect the company’s mission to provide proven, innovative solutions to companies building in the commercial construction, renewable energy and data center markets. The new tagline, “Build The Future More Efficiently,” will be utilized by the company to emphasize their more efficient, safer and faster solutions, that focus on their clients’ business goals and remove the restrictions of outdated construction protocols.

PCX’s new tagline stays consistent with the company’s goals to remove costs, improve work schedules and create safer worksites for companies within the commercial construction, data center and utility or energy storage markets. While the company’s previous tagline, “Delivering Predictive Profitability®” emphasized PCX’s provision of predictive schedules, costs and quality, the new tagline expands this mission by highlighting the company’s intent to change the construction process to better serve the client, in pursuit of their business goals.

Rob Coyle, PCX’s Director of Sales and Marketing, stated the slogan is a “call to action” for companies facing challenges in quality, schedule and costs caused by the national skilled labor shortage, increased regulation and the pitfalls of traditional construction processes. To mitigate these challenges and better serve the business goals of their clients and corporate partners, PCX has invested heavily in their customer service offerings, while seeking to build and foster the right partnerships that provide value for both parties. The company has also added resources to support their role in pre-construction consult-ing, while continually reviewing the value provided by the PCX team at each stage in a client’s project.

“As a systems integrator, our goal is to build solutions more efficiently and help our customers succeed,” said Coyle. “We do not build for own metrics or our own goals. We have our client’s interest at the forefront of initiatives. Not only are we building the facilities that propel our clients’ businesses; we are building a new way forward for each of the industries we serve, together. As such, Build The Future More Efficientlyencapsulates this wholistic approach.”

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Rob Coyle – Director of Marketing & Sales

Garret Cutler – Marketing Coordinator