Phillips Precision Inc., takes the next step in the automation revolution with Smart Machine Monitoring.

Elmwood Park, NJ – “It’s a big step in the final frontier in LEAN manufacturing and LEAN accounting”, said John Phillips, President, Implants and Instrumentation Division. 

“The initiative was launched by connecting FactoryWiz software to (12) 5-axis automated machining centers. Monitoring these assets returns a wealth of live and historical data assisting us in making informative decisions and keeping the cells running at maximum capacity.

Things such as productivity reports, idle reason tracking, preventative maintenance, the status of equipment at a glance are just some of the benefits. This real-time data will help us fully track and better understand the performance and productivity of each individual machining center.” Phillips Precision Medicraft, 2022.

And Shop Floor TV dashboards work even if you are too busy to pull up the real-time data.

There is no choice but to take notice of the large visible dashboards as you walk around the shop floor. They tend to become a regular point of interest (the supervisors make sure to at least give a glance every time they walk by) and even become a gathering point for daily meetings or shop walkthroughs. With implementation of Shop Floor TV’s and machine mounted dashboards, Phillips will be more successful with measurable improvements and productivity.

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