August 23, 2019

Panel Built’s line of prefabricated tower systems offer observation and guard tower solutions with lead times that are a fraction of that of traditional construction. Panel Built’s prefab towers utilizes a bolt-together steel design, similar to that of their mezzanine systems. The bolt-together system allows for all of the tower’s components to be fabricated in Panel Built’s modular construction factory. Once all the fabrication for the tower systems is finished the tower’s components are loaded onto a flat-bed trailer and shipped to the job site. From there, all that is left is the erection of the tower and the new structure is ready to be put to use.

Panel Built’s prefabricated tower systems can be designed in tandem with our modular guard buildings or they can have an ‘open air’ top. Panel Built towers which are enclosed with a modular building can be fabricated from ballistic, bullet resistant materials which is particularly useful when installed into military and correctional facilities. All Panel Built prefab towers can be designed to meet local/regional building codes, including but not limited to seismic ratings and wind load requirements.

Panel Built was founded in 1995 by brothers Pat and Mike Kiernan, and began with the construction of pre-manufactured buildings. Today, Panel Built offers a complete line of custom modular offices, mezzanines, security booths, pre-assembled exterior buildings, and cleanrooms. All of their multiple product lines are produced on site, in four state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Panel Built offers “A Better Way to Create Space” for all of modular building project needs.