Reduce downtime and failures on expensive, critical drive technology by protecting drives from environmental conditions.

Lancaster, NY – Pfannenberg, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of thermal management technologies, announces that it is possible to protect valuable investments in drive technology through the use of thermal management and filter products.

Implemented across a wide range of applications and uses, drives are very expensive enclosure electronics. Without proper protection against heat and condensation, these electronics can fail, causing significant downtime, maintenance costs, and even replacement costs. Heat and condensation can cause reliability issues and loss of lifespan if high ambient temperatures are consistently reached. Condensation can cause corrosion (Rusting or oxidation) as well as electrical failures or dangerously charged enclosures resulting in shock or electrical arc. These failures, however, are avoidable.

Thermal management and filter technology, like the Filterfans invented by Pfannenberg and more aggressive enclosure cooling and dehumidifying products, dramatically reduce failures in drive enclosures. As a result, downtime and costs are much lower as well. Proper climate control helps to extend drive product service life and ensure smooth operation throughout a drive’s lifetime.

Thermal management experts at Pfannenberg can consult to determine the best possible climate control technology to support any particular drive setup in any given environment. Filterfans, industrial control cooling units, thermostats, hygrostats, heaters, air exchangers, and more all serve to protect valuable electronics from environmentally-induced failures.

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About Pfannenberg
Established in 1954 by Otto Pfannenberg in Hamburg Germany, Pfannenberg, Inc. is recognized as a leading global manufacturer of thermal management technologies within the Electro-technology Industry. In 1958 we invented the Filterfan®, which continues to be recognized worldwide as a leading product to help manage the temperature in electrical enclosures. Our business philosophy: Protecting Man, Machine and the Environment.