Redwood Logistics has recently been recognized for reducing carbon output by an estimated 55 thousand pounds per customer.

Whether it’s cutting back on the use of fossil fuels or finding better ways to use resources, supply chain sustainability has not only become critical in the fight against climate change, but also vital to the success of a business. Like any other initiative, launching a successful sustainability program starts with understanding, transparency, and accountability. Redwood’s Managed Services team works closely with customers to evaluate their supply chains and implement sustainability efforts which ensure companies also remain profitable, proving that a sustainability program can be cost-effective when implemented efficiently.

“Redwood’s Managed Services team coaches our customers to help them accelerate their sustainability initiatives,” said Christina Ryan, Executive Vice President of Managed Services, Redwood. “Through our newly designed Redwood Sustainability Curve, we work with companies to reduce their carbon footprint by increasing efficiency of their supply chains through a strategic combination of empty mile reduction, mode conversion, LTL consolidation and other dynamic green initiatives.”

Furthermore, Redwood has committed to promoting sustainability within its LPaaS (Logistics Platform as a Service) which streamlines processes by improving efficiency and simultaneously reducing energy consumption. At the heart of LPaaS is RedwoodConnect™, Redwood’s proprietary iPaaS, which integrates best-in-breed logistics technologies and services into a cohesive digital and physical supply chain. RedwoodConnect™ is built exclusively on serverless infrastructure, which reduces carbon output by an estimated 55 thousand pounds per customer compared to traditional underutilized server architecture, enabling control over capacity and energy consumption.

“Sustainability is an important part of our culture at Redwood, and we are committed to continually enhancing our efforts each year. Our goal is not only to be a sustainability role model in the industry, but to also help our customers implement their own green strategies that will flow throughout the entirety of their supply chains,” said Mark Yeager, Chief Executive Officer, Redwood. “Redwood is committed to continued investment in sustainability across a number of initiatives, searching for new methods while endorsing company-wide sustainability projects, encouraging day-to-day efficiency and engaging in strategic partnerships with companies and industry leaders that pursue excellence in supply chain sustainability.”