Published on 2017-09-12

47-year-old heat exchanger business now offers centrifugal pumps.

Mahan’s Thermal Products (www.mahans.com), a leading provider of heat transfer solutions, has expanded its business to include centrifugal pumps, a key component of heat transfer systems. Mahan’s will be offering four lines of pumps to meet their customers’ needs. Mahan’s, based in Covington, GA, has been in business since 1969.

The company’s expansion complements its heat exchange business. “Pumps are a crucial part of the heat exchange infrastructure,” said Randy Mahan, the company’s president. “Pumps make sure the liquids involved in heat exchange move efficiently through the system.”

David Holland, Mahan’s Vice President, noted, “We’re offering four lines to fulfill a wide variety of pumping needs. The pump business will fit well with the heat exchanger division, as they’re frequently found together.”

Randy Mahan, the son of the company’s founder, added, “We bring 45 years of experience in the sales, installation and maintenance of heat exchange systems to our new line of pumps.”

The four new pump lines Mahan’s offers have a broad range of applications.

The ANSI 911 series is easy to service and repair, they operate at a low cost and many have interchangeable parts. Multiple industries use these types of pumps, from automotive to food and beverage.

End users install Mahan’s new end-suction pumps in air conditioning, heating and ventilation, as well as refrigeration units.

The vertical in-line pumps efficiently transfer fluids under pressure. They circulate hot water, especially in large commercial buildings, and can be found in farm irrigation systems.

The fourth line, the vertical multi-stage pump, is designed to operate efficiently at high pressures. One major use of this new line is for ground-water extraction. They are also used in high-pressure shower systems. Holland explains, “These pumps are great for operations without a lot of square footage available for this sort of equipment.”

President Mahan added, “By offering a full range of pumps and services, we can support whatever applications our customers have. We can install pumps with or without heat exchanger systems and services.”

As David Holland explains, “People who need pumping solutions may also discover they need a heat exchange system, and vice-versa.” He added, “Our customers will have a better solution for them, and that’s the kind of business we operate.”

Heat exchangers allow the transfer of excess heat from one fluid to another. They are found in refrigerators, air conditioners and many manufacturing plants and can be used for applications such as factory smokestacks.

Mahan’s also offers a full range of maintenance and repair options, as well as pump and exchanger sales. The company believes regular maintenance is critical to ensure a system operates at peak efficiency.

“Regularly scheduled maintenance is like having regular medical checkups. Repairs are often like visits to the emergency room,” Mahan concluded.

For more information, contact Mahan’s at www.mahans.com.