Published on 2019-07-17

Material applications achieve performance advantages with Midwestern Industries’ expanded range of screens and parts for round vibratory separators.

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Midwestern Industries Screen Products

Massillon, OH−July 2019


A myriad of industries such as pharmaceuticals, powders, food (flour, corn meal, salt, chocolate, etc.), plastics, liquid solids, and ceramics are typically very fine material applications, which need a precise separation that can be achieved on round vibratory separator machines.

Midwestern Industries, Inc. (Massillon, OH), a leading manufacturing mainstay of innovation for the screening industry since 1953, is a one-source supplier for a wide variety of screens and parts for round vibratory separators–for most makes and models. Manufactured in the USA, these competitively priced high-quality items are designed to keep production levels high and downtime at a minimum.

Custom woven screen meshes are manufactured in-house, with a full line of stainless steel (304,316, and type 430 magnetic) and synthetic inventory. Sizes range from 18” to 72” in diameter and can fit nearly every make and model of separator with various mounting methods–including strict food grade standards.


Quality built and engineered at Midwestern’s Massillon, Ohio manufacturing headquarters (147,000 Sq. Ft.) and Macon, Georgia facility (42,000 Sq. Ft.), a wide range of custom screens for round vibratory separators include:

Perforated screens: Made with an in-house, 20-foot laser bed for custom screening applications, the perforated line is available in a wide range of made-to-order sizes and are available with round, slotted, or square openings.

Bulls-eye screens: Adhesive beads are applied in a bulls-eye pattern between the sizing screen and the backup mesh to reduce friction–while extending the life and performance of the screen.

Sandwich screens: Plastic sliders are sandwiched between a sizing screen and the carrier mesh–dislodging near size particles and allowing material to flow more efficiently.

Wagon wheel screens: Made to fit most makes and models of separators, dense material on fine mesh screens and larger diameter screens can benefit from the added support provided by the unique wagon wheel design.

round wire screen

Round Screen Wire

Ultrasonic screens: Designed for a growing niche of uniquely fine material applications (powders, minerals, etc.), sound wave frequencies move across the round screen wire to help overcome plugging to help increase throughput and efficiency. Midwestern supplies complete Ultrasonic systems for new equipment or your existing equipment for most makes and models of round separators.

Custom woven screens: As a manufacturer, not a reseller, Midwestern provides customized woven screen solutions. These unconventional screens are ideal for unique applications. Clear openings and custom weaves are available that are not shown in Midwestern’s standard mesh chart. Midwestern sales professionals can be contacted for availability and options.


midwestern round new screen

Midwestern round new screen

Newly developed within the past year, Midwestern has also incorporated a new process for full epoxy mounting. This new process allows the epoxy to cure quickly which enables Midwestern to ship screens the same day. The advanced epoxy allows users to switch from different mounts for longer life. Each screen is individually boxed with an FDA approved gasket installed– at no extra charge.

Midwestern screens also come with a fully disposable carbon or stainless steel disposable metal ring. Thin- flanged hollow rings are also available. All of the rings that Midwestern supplies are fully recyclable.

According to Tim Carey, Midwestern’s VP of Business Development, “These across-the-board round screen advancements help our customers avoid costly and debilitating downtime. This is of paramount importance, as we also focus on quick turnaround to accommodate customers’ screening application needs with quality products, 2-3-day lead times, and on-time deliveries.”

Speak to a sales representative today to discuss your specific round screening needs by calling:

877-4-SIZING (877-474-9464) or visit: www.midwesternind.com/wire-cloth-screens

midwestern industries logoCORPORATE PROFILE: Since 1953, Midwestern Industries, Inc. has been a mainstay of innovation for the screening industry, delivering customized manufacturing and design solutions for a myriad of processing industries including: Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Chemicals, Aggregates, Shot Peening, Plastics, Brick and Clay, Ceramics, and Powdered Metals, amongst others. Known throughout the industry as “The Sizing People®”, Midwestern’s comprehensive product line offers advanced application solutions for handling coarse, fine, wet, and dry materials with the ability to screen and separate particles from 20 microns and up. We achieve these demanding standards by leveraging advanced precision manufacturing screening techniques and accessories that drive productivity.

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