Industrial companies can proactively share best practices across borders, sites, and teams with AI-driven recommendations for improvement.

Rever is a provider of a Frontline Operational Excellence platform for manufacturers. The platform helps manufacturers across industries such as automotive, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and consumer goods capture and fix issues at the source, without wasting time on manual processes.  Activating Rever taps into the creativity and intelligence of the frontline’s human capital to provide holistic improvements in safety, quality, delivery, and employee engagement to elevate operational performance at scale, across the organization. With Rever, enterprises such as GlaxoSmithKline, Grupo Bimbo, MARS, Faurecia, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are able to align, engage, and empower frontline teams to drive performance and innovation through guided workflows, collaboration, gamification, and real-time analytics.

The company has expanded its offerings, releasing Rever Insights, a comprehensive set of new AI-powered, real-time reports and intelligent dashboards that provide prescriptive calls-to-action that continuously improve productivity, quality and safety.

With Rever Insights, industrial companies can proactively share best practices across borders, sites, and teams with AI-driven recommendations for improvement initiatives, proposed solutions to recurring problems, and prescriptive next steps to drive operational excellence programs.

Errette Dunn, Rever CEO explained: “Our manufacturing customers with factories around the globe face unique challenges: how to ensure operations leaders don’t waste time and resources solving the same problems that their peers have already solved at other sites, and how to cut through the noise from so many sources of data and manual reports to find the insights that matter. When you have tens of thousands of employees, these problems cost millions of dollars each month. We learned from our customers that if the leadership of their organizations knew what all their frontline employees knew, the organization would be unstoppable. With Rever Insights, we make that possible by delivering a layer of AI to the collective intelligence and creativity of the frontline workforce.”

By aggregating, normalizing, and analyzing all data for trends, patterns, and outliers, Rever is uniquely able to deliver insights about continuous improvement, issue fixing, and problem-solving best practices and specific actions to all stakeholders, from frontline management to the boardroom. Rever Insights leverage natural language processing and machine learning to analyze improvements, fixes, and problems actioned by frontline employees, assess which ideas were successfully implemented, and measure the impact those innovations had on improving safety, quality and reducing costs. The system then recommends and delivers comprehensive, personalized reports that include prescriptive recommendations and next best actions. These latest natural language processing and AI enhancements give more power to individuals and organizations.