The global 3D printing leader gains the trust of a diverse pool of world-renowned investors to further accelerate its growth.

Houston, Texas – Roboze, the world leader in 3D printing of high performance super polymers and composites for the aerospace, transportation, energy and medical industries, today announced the successful investment in the company by a group of international investors, including Nova Capital (holding company of financial investments headed by Paolo Merloni, Executive Chairman of Ariston), Lagfin (Campari Group Holding), Andrea Guerra (former CEO of Luxottica, now CEO of LVMH Hospitality Excellence), Luigi De Vecchi (Chairman EMEA at Citi), Roberto Ferraresi (CEO of The Equity Club), Luca Giacometti (CEO of Galileo SPAC), Denis Faccioli (CEO of Tecres SPA) and others.

The group joins the existing pool of investors, including Alfredo Altavilla (President of Ita Airways), Boris Collardi (former CEO of Julius Baer), Diego Piacentini (former senior VP of Amazon), Federico Faggin (inventor of the microprocessor) and Equiter SPA (investment fund held by Intesa San Paolo and Compagnia di San Paolo).

“This further fundraising will accelerate our momentum in the United States and will enhance our investments in Research and Development. Specifically, the funding will assist in the creation of new super material in our Italian R&D center, where we are building a new chemistry laboratory,” commented Alessio Lorusso, Founder & CEO of Roboze. “We are honored to have a group of investors of this caliber, who strongly believe in the vision of Roboze and in the change of production paradigm that our technology is enabling by replacing metals and producing parts without wasting raw materials.”

Founded in 2015, Roboze was created to redesign the global supply chain through its patented ultra-precise 3D printing technology for super materials, creating a new circular and sustainable production model, which brings production close to the point of use, reducing transport and related CO2 emissions, delivering parts just in time and on demand, avoiding unnecessary waste. Roboze currently works with GE, Bosch, Airbus and other global organizations across aeronautics, space, energy/sustainable energy, medical, manufacturing and more to design and create end-use parts.

Roboze is currently working with industrial manufacturing giant, Siemens Energy, to create on-demand parts manufacturing and sustainable warehousing.

“We think additive manufacturing is playing a key role in digitalization and cost out in the energy sector. At Siemens Energy we evaluated many companies and found that Roboze technology for high temperature polymers has met our engineering qualification and expectations. As a result, we acquired our first machine and look forward to expanding our relationship with Roboze.” commented Andrew Bridges, Service Frame Owner at Siemens Energy.

Roboze is specialized in Metal Replacement 3D Printing enabling end-use parts made from super polymers and composites like PEEK and Carbon PEEK. This is possible thanks to Roboze’s new ARGO 1000, the world’s largest 3D printer equipped with a heated chamber for fast production of incredibly strong non-metallic parts, ARGO 500 and Roboze One + 400 Xtreme: the additive manufacturing systems with the highest accuracy and repeatability in the world.

“Roboze is changing global manufacturing through its proprietary 3D printing technology and the use of super materials,” commented Carlo Germano Ravina, Managing Director of NovaCapital.

Roboze solutions are among the most adopted in the worldwide $4.84B 3D printing market as they meet the needs of global industrial production, solving common challenges related to process repeatability, precision and the production of high-performance polymers and materials.

2021 was a year of momentous growth for Roboze. The organization’s global team exceeds 100 people, and the company is implementing an aggressive hiring plan in 2022 across the U.S., Italy and Germany with plans to hire 60 ‘super experts’ within the next 12-18 months. Thirty of those hires will be in the United States, specialized in Materials Science, Chemistry, Business Development, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Field and Applications Engineering.

About Roboze
Roboze is re-shaping the manufacturing industry and revolutionizing the world of 3D printing with the most precise technology, capable of processing super polymers and composite materials on demand for finished functional parts for extreme applications in industries that include aerospace, oil and gas, energy, manufacturing and mobility sectors.

The Roboze high technical ecosystem includes a complete range of advanced 3D printers for high-temperature and high-strength super plastics, developed with the collaboration of the best global players. It guarantees a real optimization of costs and time along the entire supply chain, while bringing additive manufacturing closer to the standards of traditional manufacturing.

Furthermore, Roboze offers the possibility to produce customized finished parts On Demand and Just-in-Time through its manufacturing as a service global network, Roboze 3D Parts, which allows companies to reduce costs and time by shortening the steps of their supply chain and digitizing their inventory.

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