SLIPNOT® specialized safety flooring and surface technologies reduce slips and falls over 90%, increase worker safety and uptime.

Manufacturers Can Eliminate Slips and Falls by 90%

SLIPNOT Technologies Reduce Slips and Falls Over 90%

Manufacturers across all sectors deal with employee slips and falls every day largely because up to 10% of a manufacturing facility is considered to have a highly hazardous surface. Add on slippery conditions many “wet” manufacturers work in and companies have even more falls and injuries to mitigate.

SLIPNOT makes anti-slip flooring and coatings that eliminate 90% of slips and falls. Would you like to schedule an interview with a Slip Prevention Safety Expert to learn more about anti-slip technologies made specifically for manufacturers?

SLIPNOT Slip Prevention Safety Expert Jeff Baker can explain:

  • How to identify the high-risk areas in a facility
  • Why go-to safety solutions manufacturers typically rely on solutions like diamond plate that actually make conditions more dangerous
  • What to know about the science of slips and falls so manufacturers can minimize them

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