Stahlin Enclosures helps Otis Instruments provide proven protection for gas detection and monitoring systems.

Stahlin® Enclosures –- manufacturers of high performing fiberglass electrical and industrial enclosures — announces the release of a new case study featuring solutions to meet the challenges of protecting gas detection and monitoring systems, available for download at no obligation by visiting:

This case study highlights the requirements Otis Instruments has for reliable NEMA-rated enclosure protection for its safety products used in gas detection and monitoring. These enclosures are subjected to harsh environmental conditions related to both weather and chemical exposure. Consequently, proven robust and quality enclosures were essential.

Otis Instruments chose Stahlin® non-metallic enclosures to protect its gas detection and monitoring systems because the quality and performance of Stahlin® fiberglass enclosures proved superior over the competition in cold environments. Unlike the competition, Stahlin® Enclosures would not crack around the lid, base, nor around any of the many custom holes drilled on enclosures.

Currently, Otis Instruments uses a wide variety of Stahlin® Enclosures and accessories including: DS80804HPL, DS100806HLL, DSW121006HPL, DS161408HPL and DSCC80804HPL. They have used clear lids, opaque lids, and various latch styles. Stahlin® Enclosures, housing Otis Instrument systems, are in service in the gas and oil industry (West Texas Permian Basin to Saudi Arabia, to Canada, and around the world, even in the Outback of Australia and Chile); in diverse manufacturing applications including Toyota and Trane plants; in the engine compartments of Disney Cruise ships; Tyson chicken farms, and many more harsh, demanding environments.

Stahlin® Enclosures are the world’s highest-proven-quality and most specified fiberglass enclosures available to OEM’s of diverse industries through electrical product distributors. For nearly 60 years, since Stahlin® pioneered the first fiberglass enclosures, we have been the leading innovative solutions-provider for users of NEMA 6P fiberglass and NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosures. Stahlin® Enclosures provides the largest standard product range in the industry, and the widest range of customized and factory-modified fiberglass enclosures available in the industry. Competitive pricing is supported by vertically integrated Made-In-The-USA manufacturing and speed-of-delivery made possible through a thousand stocking distributors in all 50 states and major cities.

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