Strategic investment and expansion bring permanent job opportunities to plastic packaging group RETAL’s Donora, PA facility.

retal donora pa location expansion

The strong growth of global plastic packaging manufacturer RETAL’s Pennsylvania factory continues with the confirmation of an extensive expansion program, which will see its output more than trebling over the next three years. 

Thanks to an increase in demand and additional funding and investment, RETAL PA, based in Donora, will add additional manufacturing capabilities and hire a number of additional machine operators, lab technicians and people in production, maintenance, and other functions.

President and CEO of RETAL PA Darius Janulionis says, “It’s a true mark of confidence in RETAL PA; over half of the investment is a bank loan, which highlights the credibility of our expansion. We have grown continually since we established our factory here in Donora in 2016 and will commit to producing over two billion preforms a year following this latest investment. We have strategically grown in anticipation of our customers’ needs and we are well-positioned to deliver on their growing demands today and tomorrow. As a proud partner to our customers, we create solutions for all their packaging requirements.”

Janulionis is vocal about the strength of the team being the driving force in the continued expansion at RETAL PA. He adds, “We all stand on each other’s shoulders to keep succeeding and, as we grow rapidly, we continue to rely on each other. I can happily say that our team is motivated, friendly and open-minded, so we’re keen to meet people that would like to join us on a permanent basis. We are increasing our local workforce and are actively looking for suitably skilled people to fill a variety of positions. We are pleased to keep serving our customers through diligence and reliability as we grow, with the additional support of valued new employees from across the Mon Valley region.”

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RETAL develops and manufactures high quality polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging solutions, including preforms, closures, containers and films. Globally active, RETAL supplies customers in over 60 countries worldwide. Strongly focused on quality and flexibility, RETAL is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22000 accredited. Parent company RETAL Industries Ltd, whose president and member of the board of directors is Anatoly Martynov, is headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus.