Validere executives featured at Energy Dialogues City Series to shine a light on ESG, reducing methane emissions through data transparency.

(Houston) – Validere (, a leader in bringing product data transparency to the oil and gas industry, announced today that several members of its leadership team will be featured speakers and panelists at the upcoming Energy Dialogues City Series in Houston and New York. The Energy Dialogues City Series brings together subject matter experts, policy makers, socio-environmental representatives, and C-level leaders with policy level expertise from all stages of the energy value chain to connect and form partnerships through in-depth discussion of the energy market’s role in the economy and the world at large.

Kayla Ball, senior vice president of Product for Validere, will participate in the geographically specific event on Tuesday, August 31 in Houston. Ball, who has decades of expertise in the oil and gas industry, collaborates with Validere’s product team to build and deliver platform solutions in partnership with customers that solve some of the most complex challenges the industry faces. In addition, Validere’s Vice President of Strategy, Mark Le Dain, who leads Validere’s strategic positioning and partnerships, will speak on a panel at a virtual event in New York City on September 23. Validere’s co-founder and CEO Nouman Ahmad will also participate in both workshop sessions – both virtual and live.

Both Ball and Le Dain will focus on the changing landscape of methane reduction targets as a part of ESG requirements and discuss how federal methane rules and market demand will impact the imperative to curb emissions in the U.S. and across the globe. They will also discuss how the use of advanced cloud-based data and analytic technologies is having an impact on the efficiency and operations of the end-to-end supply chain across the oil and gas industry.

“We need metrics to be put in place to accurately and meaningfully report on methane emissions and to find solutions and a global approach to measuring and reporting,” said Le Dain. “I look forward to being a part of the Energy Dialogue City Series in New York to discuss the digital transformation that the energy industry is undergoing as we begin to implement advanced technologies such as big data, automation, IoT and machine learning. All of these technologies will certainly have an impact on our energy transition as we also move towards evolving and implementing regulations. ”

“Oil and gas have been late adopters of digitization, and Validere is on a mission to transform the global energy sector,” said Ball. “The $40-trillion global trade of oil and gas is hampered by disparate and siloed product data, resulting in hidden economic losses and environmental waste. Validere has built the industry’s first Product Data Cloud to provide real-time commodities inventory intelligence that results in  greater efficiency, higher margins, and lower emissions. We are excited to share how customers are utilizing our advanced cloud-based technology to address regulations, governance and also make a difference in their bottom line.”

Energy Dialogues’ high-level forums, meetings, and roundtables are strategically planned to fuel debate, discussion, and information exchange. Participating energy leaders and experts at all levels find hands-on solutions and stay at the forefront of industry developments, not only benefiting the industry, but ultimately influencing global solutions amid ongoing energy transition.

If media or other influencers are interested in meeting with Validere at the Energy Dialogues City Series, or discussing Validere’s focus please contact Ben Tao.

About Validere
Validere provides the only product data cloud for the oil and gas industry. Its platform delivers real-time visibility into the true composition and quality of oil and gas that enables organizations to identify operational efficiencies, make the highest-margin trading decisions, and drive  tangible ESG improvements. With more than 40 of North America’s leading energy companies relying on Validere’s insights, it is transforming the world’s largest supply chain by making critical product quality data accessible and actionable.

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