Spherical View Radar by Noology NA incorporates next generation bistatic radar technology to detect small drones with unmatched performance.

Following successful demonstrations of its advanced bi-static radar technology in July, Florida-based startup Noology NA is proceeding with the full commercial development of Spherical View Radar (SVR). The initial batch of systems is slated to ship in January 2022.

SVR is a revolutionary counter-drone and UTM surveillance radar that can detect, track, and identify small, stealth, and autonomous drones with unmatched sensitivity and accuracy, even in cluttered environments.

  • True spherical field of view – 360 degrees azimuth and elevation (straight up, straight down, and all the way around) – with no “cone of silence”
  • Detection and tracking of small airborne targets with radar cross section (RCS) of 0.001 square meters
  • 3D target accuracy of 1 cubic meter, from 3 m to 3 km, day or night, and in all weather
  • Low-Slow-Small (LSS) target detection: 1.0 m above ground from 0 km/h up to 500 km/h
  • Simultaneous detection and tracking of up to 100 targets with 0.5 m target separation
  • Compact form factor, easy to install and safe to operate

“The rapid development of drone technologies has made counter-drone systems currently on the market obsolete. To ensure the safety, security, and privacy of facilities and events we need solutions that detect all drones, with no blind spots, in and around complex infrastructure. SVR delivers this performance,” said John Isella, CEO of Noology NA.

“The huge growth in the use of drones, including autonomous drone operations, poses a significant security threat to critical and sensitive infrastructure. We need technologies that ensure airspace safety and security,” he said.

Noology NA is establishing a manufacturing, sales, and service base in Brevard County, Florida. The initial batch of complete systems will ship in January 2022, with commercial sales launching in early 2022. Base price of the system is US$330,000. Wider coverage is available by networking systems.

Noology NA offers to install several free systems to demonstrate performance. Integrators, resellers, and end-users are invited to visit noology.com for more information and contacts.

About Noology NA:
Noology NA is a counter-drone technology developer focused on the delivery of cutting-edge products to commercial and government clients. Spherical View Radar is its flagship product.

For more info visit http://noology.com/.