Volume 3 | Issue 1 | Year 2000

CSC Ltd., located in Warren, Ohio, was formed in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, when it was then known as Copperweld Steel Company. During that time, “Our reputation as a quality producer began to emerge,” according to a CSC spokesperson. In the post-war era, that quality was applied to steel for manufacturing agricultural equipment, automobiles and industrial machinery. The company changed its name to CSC, Ltd., in 1995, when the Reserve Group of Akron, Ohio, purchased it.

Today, the company’s steel bars are used in everything from huge forge shops, to small machine shops, in steel service centers and automobiles. They are used in energy-related industries, by aircraft manufacturers, farm machinery makers, in government and firearms, – even in motorcycles and home power tools.

Expanded Capabilities

CSC is in the midst of a $100-million modernization project to streamline the company’s material flow and improve energy efficiency. Recent innovations include the installation of an Ultra High Power (UHP) electric arc furnace and ladle-refining furnace in the melt shop facilities. The new equipment is set up in a brand new 100,000-square-foot facility just west of the company’s original melt shop. The upgrade also includes a state-of-the-art vacuum tank degasser, which adds up to ultra-clean steel for customers. A continuous caster will come online in spring of 2000. New equipment is being specified and supplied by Voest-Alpine Industries; and new rolling mill equipment is being supplied by Danieli of America, Inc.

CSC’s new UHP furnace is powered by an 80 MVA transformer. It also uses chemical energy to enable production of a 100-ton heat in slightly over an hour.

The in-line ladle refiner will ensure that quality parameters are met. Very tight temperature and chemical control are obtained by this unit’s reheat, alloy addition and argon stir capabilities. The modernization is the culmination of many talents, not only internal to the company, but outside services as well. Although each person and the company he or she represents are critical to the completion and success of the project, creating a list to express the company’s gratitude would be too great to publish. However, CSC is especially fortunate to have some outstanding companies that performed above the call of duty. A few of the companies that performed above the call of duty are R.T. Patterson, who was responsible for the construction engineering for the melt shop modernization project and Stevens Painton, the general contractor for the building erection and installation of the new Danieli continuous roughing mill, site preparation and foundations for the new melt shop and installation of the continuous caster. The Eichleay Corporation erected the new fume-evacuation ductwork and installed the new electric arc furnace and auxiliary equipment. Abate Irwin handled all the structural steel erection, building siding and portions of the structural platforms. Bruce and Merilees performed as the primary electrical contractor in the new roughing mill, melt shop and caster. Commercial Piping completed the primary piping for the new roughing mill and melt shop.

As if the modernization to the melt shop and rolling mills were not enough, CSC is also installing a new computer system to support the new operations and synchronize communications in the company. The customized program is being created by Computer Methods Inter-national Corp (CMiC). CMiC is receiving additional assistance to create business activity reports and shop floor re-porting systems from ICR, Court Square Data Group and Database Consultants, Inc.

Simply the Best

CSC has joined the ranks of the technologically superior mini and micro steel companies that have survived big steel’s well-publicized problems of the past decades and subsequently prospered. The company uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to meet customers’ demanding requirements. CSC is QS-9000 and ISO 9002 registered and the chemistry lab has accreditation to meet the Fastener Act.

Stop Shopping

Steel bars can be a surprisingly diverse product. Offering a wide range of hot rolled and value added Special Bar Quality (SBQ) products is nothing new for CSC. Alloy and carbon products are offered in sizes starting at 5/8″ of an inch in diameter and up to 9-1/2” round and 3-1/2” to 14” in round cornered squares. Lengths are available in 10 feet up to 38 feet. In terms of grades, CSC has hundreds of options; the choices range from basic to sophisticated or custom blended chemistries. CSC steels can be certified to a wide range of qualities, such as bearing, special aircraft, gun, forging, and cold heading. The chemistry variations conform to AISI, ASTM, SAE, JIS, European and special customer grade specifications, which means that the company’s steel bar products can and are being use worldwide.

Product Options

To improve machinability, customers can choose from a variety of free-machining additives. Cold finished surfaces range from cold drawn, to turned, to ground, to polished, or any combination. CSC also sees itself as an “agile” company – big enough to produce a wide product line, but small enough to turn out small volume orders (down to four tons) and answer short lead times.

Ready to Use

CSC’s complex of 18 heat treat furnaces and three continuous annealing furnaces feature some of the most sophisticated equipment and technology available. Thermally treated steel, whether it is hot rolled or cold finished, is stronger and more uniform. It’s also ready to use – literally right off the truck, without additional thermal treating. The benefit is the elimination of straightening, which can be expensive, as well as a minimized risk of distortion, cracking and decarburizing.

The way it’s done at CSC is that annealing, normalizing, quenching, tempering and stress relieving are all done at one location, which adds up to better control of the finished product. That means lower costs and better numbers for the customers’ bottom line.

Global Perspective

CSC is always looking for a better way – even if it means sending employees around the globe. Indeed, last summer the company sent three teams of melt shop operators and supervisors to tour steel-making facilities in Austria and Germany. The first stop was Austria’s Bohler Steel Works, followed by Germany’s Lechstahlwerker. The special teams enthusiastically embraced the technology and are able to apply it to their own advanced processes.

All About People

Sixty years ago, a customer asked for help with an urgent application problem. CSC was able to solve the technical problem and continues to be dedicated to customer service. It also goes without saying that customer service is a key part of the business plan.

That includes metallurgical assistance — the services of a complete metallurgical staff are available to review processing practices, analyze grades, help match and engineer specific steels, and take care of any number of other details. CSC, like most companies, is ultimately all about people. Whether it is a Red Cross Blood Drive – employees donated more than 200 pints of blood in 1999 alone – to a walk for the March of Dimes raising more than $21,400 this past year, CSC employees are very much a part of the community. CSC employees support United Way, are active Boy & Girl Scouting, Animal Charities, Christmas for Kids, and local religious affiliations.

CSC calls itself “The Special Bar Company.” Looking beyond the advanced capabilities of today, CSC is focused on the future with zero tolerance for anything less than the best. If you would like more in-formation on this company, you check them out on the world-wide-web at CSCLTD.com.

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