The unveiling will happen in the biggest tech event of the year, GITEX Technology Week, 17-21 October 2021.

Ahmedabad, India – The Puzzle here is What is the future of ITOps, and how is technology shaping that future? Motadata with its latest AI-enabled offerings is solving one piece of this puzzle.

Motadata, a Global software organization, is reinventing itself by unveiling its latest solutions for IT operations management. The unveiling will happen in the biggest tech event of the year, GITEX Technology Week, 17-21 October 2021. The solutions are built with technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that offer total control and visibility over IT infrastructures.  

Motadata believes every event in the IT infrastructure is important for the organization. It takes control of collecting all the insights from every single activity, heterogeneous or hybrid infrastructure, process, network, and much more. That’s where our motto comes EVERY EVENT COUNTS.

Reinvent ITOps

In this Digital Revolution era, Motadata is redefining ITOPs with the latest AI enabled Motadata AIOps platform. It will assist organizations get all insights through automated data ingestion from Universal agent and brings an AI engine for improved efficiency

It’s a single unified platform for infrastructure monitoring, log analytics, and network observability. Organizations can achieve continuous automation through runbook and automated RCA and alerts on all events across a Hybrid Infrastructure, including cloud services. It helps ITOps leaders deliver better business outcomes through decisive insights and achieve interoperability using OOB third-party integrations.  

Drive IT through Innovation

The unveiling also includes the latest version of Motadata ServiceOps, which is an, AI-enabled, ITIL compliant IT Service Management platform that empowers IT organizations to rapidly adopt changes across People, Processes, and Technology to significantly improve service delivery in the era of digital transformation. Motadata ServiceOps, a unified platform, includes PinkVerify certified Service Desk, Asset Manager, and Patch Manager to streamline business processes across the organization without the need for third-party tools. 

About Motadata 
Motadata is a global IT product company offering innovative solutions for IT operation management solutions. The platform empowers both IT admins & CXOs to analyze, track, and resolve IT operational issues through effective monitoring of various systems and devices from multiple vendors. Motadata has been innovating in the domain of IT operations management for more than 10 years. They have been working with organizations across Healthcare, IT Services, Government, Retail and Financial Services.   

Doesn’t it sound exciting? There is lot more to it. Meet Motadata at GITEX Technology Week, 17-21 Oct 2021, at booth H2A2 where Motadata will be solving the puzzle of What is the Future of IT Operation Management.

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