Volume 11 | Issue 6 | Year 2008

The oil industry in Canada is gushing with opportunity and, in particular, the Alberta oil sands region has bred a dynamic industry. To aid this market Alberta Oil Tool provides the latest oilfield products, keeping step with the industry’s changing demands.
Alberta Oil Tool began as a private company on May 31, 1951. In 1962, the company was purchased by Dover Corporation, a multi-billion dollar, global producer of innovative equipment, specialty systems and value-added services for the industrial products, fluid management, engineered systems and electronic technology markets. Over the years, significant manufacturing capacity has been added. The company’s Edmonton manufacturing facility is now at 80,000 square feet. The company expanded further in 2000, when it purchased RG Industries, specializing in the manufacture of sucker rod guides.

This was followed by the acquisition of C-Tech Energy Services in 2005. C-Tech is an innovative oilfield technology company specializing in coiled sucker rod and the design and manufacture of upstream oilfield equipment. These strategic acquisitions have allowed AOT to further expand its global presence as it exports proven Canadian technology to the rest of the world.

AOT’s customer base is comprised, for the most part, of major oil industry supply stores across Canada. A smaller percentage of Alberta Oil Tool’s customers are non-oil related (industrial, chemical, pulp and paper). The company offers a full range of products and is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty Drive Rods® for progressing cavity pump applications products. Moreover, its product portfolio is comprised of:

  • sucker rods, Drive Rods® & accessories
  • Norris tubular fittings & pupjoint
  • Norriseal level controls, dump valves & control valves
  • Norriseal butterfly valves

AOT maintains its lead as the Canadian manufacturer of Norris and Norriseal brand products, known throughout the industry for precision and reliability. AOT’s product range includes conventional sucker rods, specialty Drive Rods® for progressing cavity pump applications, polished rods, sinker bars, pony rods and sucker rod/polished rod couplings. For more than 30 years, AOT has also been manufacturing Norriseal Controls.

Norriseal has been a leading supplier of valve and control solutions for more than four decades. Renowned for innovative design and precision manufacturing, its products are used worldwide in a broad range of industries, including oil and gas production and transmission, refining, petrochemical/chemical processing, marine, power generation, pulp and paper, food and beverage, high-pressure HVAC, steel manufacturing, and many other applications.

Norriseal products are marketed and distributed through a network of representatives strategically located in major industrial regions throughout the world. The company is also part of Dover Corporation. It is ISO: 9001-certified and offers in-house engineering and technical support; in-depth applications experience; award-winning innovation and ongoing product development; 100 percent testing of every valve and controller; responsive service and prompt delivery and worldwide field support available.

Norris is the world’s leader in sucker rod production. In fact, according to the company’s Web site: “More sucker rods are manufactured by Norris in Tulsa than are produced by all our recognized competitors combined.”

Norris is dedicated to producing the finest special bar quality sucker rods on the market.

But the Norris commitment to excellence extends beyond quality control – to the most complete customer service and technical service programs in the industry. Its salesmen are experienced sucker rod specialists.

Norris is dedicated to the research and development of new longer-lasting alloys and rod compositions, employing a philosophy that has its roots in the past. W.C. Norris, who founded the firm in Tiona, Pa., in 1882, laid the groundwork for its present success more than 100 years ago. Norris, according to the Web site, “knew then that success required hard work, a pledge of quality and service to his customers, and an untiring dedication to innovation. Over the last century, these precepts have never changed, and innovation has characterized the Norris legacy.”

Norris tubular products include 1/8-inch to seven-inch swages and bullplugs, in a variety of grades and thread types. Other tubular products include pup joints (J-55 and L-80), tubing nipples, casing nipples, tubing couplings, casing couplings, repair clamps and sleeve couplings.

In addition, Alberta Oil Tool manufactures the highest quality resilient and metal seated butterfly valves available – from two-inch to 24-inch – and specializes in providing valves to customers who need the capability to perform field maintenance. Industries and markets served by Norris valves include oilfield, industrial process, aviation fueling, petrochemical industries, pulp-paper, military/government, among others.

Other companies operating under AOT’s banner include RG Industries, whose innovative lines of injection molded products are used for rod/tubing wear reduction and paraffin control. Besides manufacturing, RG Industries offers customers evaluation of their current production system and is able to make recommendations accordingly.

Pro-Rod is focused on the development and manufacture of high-quality coiled sucker rod. Coiled sucker rod has only two couplings (top and bottom) and is a continuous length of rod from surface to the bottom-hole pump.

C-Tech Design & Manufacturing specializes in the manufacture of equipment and machinery for the oilfield service industry. That equipment ranges from custom built coiled tubing units (CTUs), rapid-rod service units (RSUs), flush-by units and mud tanks all the way to coiled tubing and rod injectors and everything in between. To complement manufacturing, full design services are on site, with third party verification by qualified engineering professionals, to make sure a project is designed to suit specific needs.

Further enhancing its operation is the quality that is integrated into all aspects of business, from administration to manufacturing. Alberta Oil Tool is registered to ISO: 9001:2000. It is also licensed by the American Petroleum Institute to 11B and 5CT product specifications and has Canadian Registration Numbers (CRNs) for fittings in most provinces throughout Canada. All products manufactured by Alberta Oil Tool meet or exceed these quality standards and specifications.

Continuous improvement to better satisfy the customer’s needs is the directive at Alberta Oil Tool. This policy allows AOT to respond to market demands immediately. Continuous improvement also includes monitoring changing quality standards and specifications and implementing the changes to maintain world class manufacturing standards. AOT works closely with both customers and vendors to ensure the highest quality product is being manufactured and delivered.

AOT’s goal is to promote awareness among all employees to ensure a healthy and safe workplace while complying with Occupational Health & Safety regulations. To help achieve this goal, AOT has joined the Manufacturers Health and Safety Association. This association of companies is working with legislative boards to reduce worker injury and thus costs to businesses for claims. AOT has dramatically reduced lost time claims and compensation rates since joining the MHSA. AOT also meets or exceeds all municipal, provincial and federal environmental requirements.

So when looking for a partner to provide business solutions, look at a company that can commit to every level, from product technology and service, to safety and the environment. Look to Alberta Oil Tool.

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