Global digital innovation company U+ and the Institute for Innovation in Large Organizations (ILO) help frame the pulse of innovation.

SAN FRANCISCO — U+, a leading global digital innovation company, today announced a partnership with the Institute for Innovation in Large Organizations (ILO) to help create and distribute content generated by the activities of the institute and its members. This includes U+ sharing insights gleaned from ILO’s 40 annual invitation-only meetings among senior innovation executives from elite multinational companies on a weekly basis. Both organizations will distribute these insights via their respective various channels, such as LinkedIn and email.

With the content co-branded as U+ and ILO Digital, the partnership will provide takeaways, research and data for businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals. This content will include content from U+ and ILO’s research library and reports, as well as the timely insights on business models and strategies for innovation and growth. ILO and U+ will also explore further areas to strengthen the collaboration over time.

“The partnership furthers U+’s mission to establish and advance efficient product development processes from start to finish, applicable to any industry,” said U+ Founder and CEO Jan Beránek. “Our joint goal is to improve global innovation processes by consistently sharing industry news and research with U+ and ILO audiences.”

Launched in 2005, ILO is a membership organization for large companies, government agencies and not-for-profits, bringing senior executives leading innovation together for knowledge sharing and community building. ILO has completed more than 300 best-practice research reports, focusing on emerging challenges and opportunities.

U+ will serve as a corporate ILO Institute member and provide other members with consistent communication via meeting recaps, newsletters and other resources pertaining to innovation and industry advancement.

“U+ and ILO content will serve to expand our reach and impact, and to provide members with greater access to original, real-time insights,” said ILO Founder and President Dr. Peter S. Temes. “Innovation experts at U+ will manage and share strategies and future projections from some of the great innovation thinkers in the world.”

About U+
U+ is a leading global digital innovation company, specializing in corporate research and development, building and launching corporate and startup innovations, and the transformation of Fortune 1000 companies’ digital ideas into real products. During the past 12 years, U+ has successfully turned more than 90 ideas into reality with total valuation exceeding $1B in Fintech, Energy, Telco, Automotive and E-health. For more information, please visit

Leah R. H. Robinson

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