August 29, 2019

The function is for the connection of tubing. The tubing coupling can solve the fatigue of the existing couplings due to the concentration of stress and easily The phenomenon of breakage.

The structure of the tubing coupling is mainly: the tubing end and the inner wall of the coupling are mainly connected according to the taper thread manner, and the end and the tubing in the coupling body of the tubing coupling are according to the same thread and the same. The pitch is connected in a flat thread. The use of the tubing coupling has the advantage of alleviating the connection of the single taper thread, the stress of the root of the external thread is concentrated, the use of the tubing coupling is not prone to fatigue fracture, and the connection effect is very good. It can effectively prevent accidents from occurring between oil well string breaks.

The design of the tubing coupling is mainly from the perspective of changing the structural structure of the coupling. The main purpose is to develop the anti-corrosion tubing coupling. The most important thing is that the coupling part of the connecting tube and the coupling of the tubing It is the role of protection. The use of the tubing coupling can achieve a very strong sealing effect on the welded portion between the oil pipe and the thread at both ends of the connection of the tubing coupling, and also the prevention of the inside and outside of the coupling Corrosion treatment process.

The standard for the coupling on the tubing is to perform the API 5CT and API 5B standards. The API 5CT has the dimensions of the tubing coupling and the casing coupling, the physical and chemical properties of the steel grade, and the parameters of the coupling thread in API 5B. The coupling of the coupling is almost always controlled according to the tightening torque. It is also controlled according to the J value, but the specified minimum torque must be achieved. The coupling of the offset type threaded bushing is to be screwed to the bottom of the triangle symbol.

The use of the tubing coupling is more operative and practical in the field. After the coupling is unloaded after the use is completed, the thread of the coupling is very complete and there is no obvious corrosion phenomenon. Solving the problem of oil construction, it is a long-term and very difficult problem in the corrosion application of repairing the coupling between the oil pipe and the oil pipe. The technical content is relatively high, and the value of use is very high, and the oil pipe can be extended. The service life of the tubing coupling reduces the production cost and greatly improves the oil and gas well recovery.