Virtual Peaker’s secure, cloud-based demand response platform is now integrated with Eaton’s Energy Management Circuit Breaker technology.

Louisville, KY – Virtual Peaker, which provides a secure, cloud-based residential energy demand response platform to help utilities balance the grid and mitigate the variability and cost of renewable energy, has announced a collaboration with power management company Eaton to integrate with Eaton’s Energy Management circuit breaker technology.

This collaboration will help advance deployment of EV charging and distributed energy resources (DERs), which are key to accelerating the energy transition.

Approximately 80 percent of a typical home’s electrical load—including the water heater, major appliances, EV charging and HVAC systems—flows through a few dedicated circuit breakers. Eaton’s Energy Management circuit breakers are intelligent breakers that allow easy control of most household loads, integration of DERs like solar, energy storage, and EV charging. These breakers are powered by Brightlayer, Eaton’s digital foundation utilizing platform components including cloud connectivity, remote control, and monitoring.

Through the integration of Energy Management circuit breakers with Virtual Peaker, utilities now have a unified way of aggregating household loads controlled by these intelligent circuit breakers and can perform remote control load cycling to save energy.

“Virtual Peaker helps utilities connect in-home smart devices to run residential demand response programs that leverage renewable energy sources to reduce cost and increase comfort,” said William J. (Bill) Burke, the founder and CEO of Virtual Peaker. “We’re honored to collaborate with Eaton to create this next giant leap for cloud-based energy management.”

“Eaton’s Energy Management circuit breakers are enabling new levels of insight for utilities at the edge of the grid through discreet control and revenue-grade metering at the branch circuit level,” said Andrew Bouthilet, vice president – Offer Management and Marketing at Eaton. “With our ability to make household loads grid-ready, combined with Virtual Peaker’s cloud-based residential energy demand response platform, we are providing our utility customers the intelligent power management solutions needed for an increasingly electrified world.”

About Virtual Peaker
Virtual Peaker is a cloud-based Distributed Energy Management System (DERMS) that is helping utilities build the grid of the future. Using the internet-of-things, Virtual Peaker connects to any in-home smart device to allow utilities to run residential demand response programs, develop new revenue streams and exceed their customer engagement goals. Virtual Peaker is based in Louisville, Kentucky.