iCAN Technologies LLC has officially launched as a provider of technology solutions for online workforce competency measurement.

(Lafayette, La.) — iCAN Technologies LLC has officially launched as a provider of technology solutions for workforce competency measurement and training designed for industrial businesses. David Decuir, with more than 15 years of management and operations experience in the upstream and midstream sectors of the oil and gas industry, serves as a partner for the company.

iCAN’s highly scalable technology platform incorporates subject matter expertise, virtual reality (VR) technology, 3D-modeling, computer-based training, and comprehensive data analytics, offering real-time visibility of an entire workforce. From individual workers to job sites or even contractors, iCAN delivers accurate, holistic assessments of employee competency and skills. Businesses can use this data to better leverage employee talents and easily identify gaps, redundancies or opportunities for cross-training. These workforce insights empower businesses to make more informed personnel decisions and maximize available resources.

“Part of what makes iCAN such a fantastic tool for industrial businesses — like utility companies, processing facilities or oil and gas operators — is that it makes employee assessment an objective, measurable and useful source of analytical data,” says Decuir. “iCAN’s assessments and training modules can be accessed online by employees anywhere in the world. We combine industry-specific expertise with best-practices for assessment and learning to deliver these services more efficiently than ever.”

According to Decuir, iCAN is saving businesses 20-40% compared to what they’re currently spending on assessment and/or training. Plus, iCAN limits the need for in-person assessments or group training sessions, activities that are costly and often inadvisable for health or safety reasons. Designed to be easy to implement and manage, iCAN’s technology is flexible enough to meet the needs of today’s ever-changing workplaces.

iCAN Technologies is a cost-effective, single-source solution for assessing and improving employee competency and training. Unlike most methods currently in use, iCAN’s assessments generate comprehensive analytics that are highly predictive for job success. The company offers turnkey services that also include computer-based, industry-specific training and instruction using VR technology and 3D modeling. iCAN is dedicated to driving innovation and developing the “human internet of things.” More information is available at icanhiot.com.