Get out of ransomware jail and try the Zerto free edition.

Ransomware is no longer a potential threat, but an inevitable one. They are here to stay and continue to rise in both volume and severity and as cybercriminals keep developing new and unexpected methods to encrypt data.

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, ransomware is expected to attack a business, consumer, or device every 2 seconds by 2031, up from every 11 seconds in 2021. The global ransomware costs are expected to rise from $20 billion in 2021 to $265 billion by 2031.1

Organizations need to treat ransomware as a disaster scenario they know will happen.

Legacy ransomware protection isn’t enough, you need recovery

The old-school attitude that focuses on keeping tight control over access and ferreting out anomalies amounts to “building thicker walls”—in other words, blocking ransomware before it gets in. While this is a good defense, it’s simply not enough.

The fact is that cyber criminals have hacked and encrypted some of the most data-savvy, best-protected businesses on the planet. Just look at recent headlines: even for the most tech-savvy organizations, building thick walls isn’t fool proof.

In other words, defense is a great place to start, but it’s not your entire strategy.

When cyber criminals break through, what can you do? Too many businesses feel they have no choice but to pay the ransom. Sadly, even this strategy doesn’t work—research shows that, much of the time, the ransomware encryption is permanent, meaning that at least some of your data is irretrievably corrupted and lost.2 On top of that, companies that pay a ransom are more likely to be targeted again.3

From weeks of recovery to just 10 minutes

Recovery is critical to your ransomware defense strategy, because for your data to be truly protected, it needs to be recoverable—quickly and entirely.

Can you imagine being able to shrug off a ransomware attack? Consider the experience of Jayme Williams, a Senior Systems Engineer at TenCate Protective Fabrics: “Honestly, in the recent attack, I was kind of laughing during the recovery. I knew I had a way out with Zerto.”

Williams knew that TenCate’s data was completely recoverable. There was no need to discuss a ransom price—or even break a sweat. In less than 10 minutes, TenCate was able to use Zerto to restore their entire operation to 10 seconds before the attack, losing virtually no data. An earlier ransomware attack crippled the organization for two weeks. This time, business went on as usual.

What makes Zerto so effective against ransomware?

Zerto, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, ensures your data is protected and quickly recoverable with continuous data protection (CDP). Zerto empowers you to:

Recover entire sites and applications with confidence, at scale, in minutes.  In just a few clicks, recover entire sites or multi-VM applications. It’s that easy. Simply select a checkpoint, recover your data to that point, and keep going with business as usual.

Recover to a state seconds before an attack. Using Zerto’s always-on replication and dynamic journaling technology, you can eliminate days or hours of data loss by enabling recovery to a point seconds before an attack.

Lower risk with instant, non-disruptive testing. Test often, test anytime. Zerto allows you to take the guesswork and risk out of the process with instant, non-disruptive testing. Easily perform failover and backup testing quickly, without disruption. Using an on-demand sandbox, you can test anytime and stay in the know with automated reports.

Get out of ransomware jail and try the Zerto Free Edition

But don’t just take our word for it—you can protect 10 VMs, right now, for free.

For a limited time, we’re offering the ability to protect 10 VMs with Zerto for one year. Experience for yourself why Zerto is an essential component of your ransomware recovery strategy. Once you fill out the form to request the Zerto Free Edition, you’ll receive an email with your unique key and download instructions.

Don’t give cyber criminals a chance to score against you—up your ransomware defense game with Zerto. Get started now!

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