Global AdTech company Adcash has selected Leaseweb Global’s Dedicated Servers to power infrastructure.

Leaseweb Global today announced that Adcash, a global online advertising platform, has selected Leaseweb Dedicated Servers to power its high-performance ad technology utilized by media buyers, affiliates, ad networks and publishers in 196 countries worldwide.

Founded in 2007, Adcash builds digital advertising tools that allow advertisers to reach global audiences and publishers to monetize their web traffic. The company has grown into a major player in the global AdTech space, delivering more than 200 million unique visitors daily and processing over 90 billion ad requests a month. After experiencing recurring problems with its previous hardware, the company sought a new infrastructure solution that could effectively meet the performance demands of its data-intensive workloads and easily scale to support future growth.

Adcash turned to Leaseweb’s cloud hosting and Dedicated Servers, which enables the company to reduce downtime and significantly improve performance for its customers. Adcash also relies on Leaseweb’s technical support team and global network of data centers to ensure additional server resources are always available as the company onboards new customers and continues to expand its presence across the world.

“The consultative and technical support services that Leaseweb provides our business was a key differentiator in our decision to partner with them,” said Anthony Rouillot, chief technology officer for Adcash. “Using a combination of cloud hosting and Dedicated Servers, Leaseweb helped us build a robust, but cost-efficient infrastructure solution that delivers the reliability and scalability we need to continue serving our clients better.”

“Adcash joins the growing number of AdTech companies that rely on Leaseweb infrastructure services to meet the real-time performance demands of their digital advertising platforms,” said Brian Sullivan, Account Manager at Leaseweb. “We’ve worked collaboratively with the Adcash team to optimize their infrastructure environment based on their current resource needs and that will be able to seamlessly scale with them as their business grows.”

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