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Industry Today promotes manufacturing and industry related topics so please ensure your content is relevant.

  • Industry Research should be a professional analysis into insights of best practices worldwide.
  • Industry Research topics can include a byline article, report, survey, commentary, blog, opinion piece or similar.
  • Provide a synopsis describing the subject of your industry research and the issues it addresses, as an introduction to the reader.
  • Upload the article which should be 850-1,000 words to include a title, deck, sub-heads, short bio on the author(s) and headshot(s) if available.
  • Upload an image to represent the content.
  • Select the industry most relevant to your topic that your Industry Research covers.
  • The Editorial Board will review your topic and if accepted for publication will send you the link when live.
  • If you wish to broaden the impact of your piece by landing it in front of an even larger audience our Sales Team can discuss levels of promotion options.

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