Powerful Insulation

Consistency is key at NUTEC, the front-runner in Mexico’s industrial heating industry. With more than three decades of experience, the company, which produces high temperature insulation fibers, sends its top-notch products to countries around the world. Rachel Hartman reports.

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How is IBAR Diversifying?

Brazil's second largest manufacturer of refractory materials focuses on the most complete range of 100 percent turn-key solutions in South America. Reuben Ford analyzes the integration and innovation of an industry leader.

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Hochtief do Brasil

High Performance

HOCHTIEF do Brasil is among the country’s biggest engineering and construction companies, operating exclusively in the private sector. Despite overwhelming demand sparked by success and surge in the need for infrastructure, this multinational leader remains focused on performance, reports Reuben…

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Preparing for Brazil’s Future

This global development partner for the automotive industry meets growing demand in Brazil for unique systems competence in the internal combustion engine. Reuben Ford finds out more about creating a regional market leader and a benchmark for the latest generation…

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Grupo Sabo

See How a Global Manufacturer of Seals is Fighting to Reduce Friction

Brazil's Sabó Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of seal solutions for the world's top auto manufacturers. Director of Sabó Americas, Lourenço Agnello Oricchio Junior, tells Michael Sommers how the company's commitment to technology and service has sealed…

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Withstanding the Heat

This leading producer of refractory lining and thermal insulation material and services keeps its stronghold despite a downturn in one of its most important markets. Reuben Ford describes a strategy and structure that sustain success.

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Invensys Controls

Global Appliance Solution

This leading supplier of refrigeration and systems for appliances boosts its operations in Brazil and increases synergies with global locations to boost sales. Sales director Fernando Ribas Ferreira speaks to Reuben Ford about the company’s strategy for success.

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Refrigeracion Ojeda

Cold is Hot

Refrigeracion Ojeda’s turnkey operations provide quick access to refrigeration solutions of any need, as Carlos Ponce reports.

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