Governor Terry McAuliffe

Global Virginia: An Exclusive Interview with Terry McAuliffe

If you didn’t know about everything Virginia offers business and industry, Gov. Terry McAuliffe is ready to turn your head around. From incentives to a low tax structure to a streamlined and successful workforce development program, Virginia, whose place in…

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Georgia Centers of Innovation

Intelligent Growth: Georgia’s Environment of Innovation

Industrial innovation has always been a part of the U.S.’ identity as a nation, but in recent years certain states have distinguished themselves from the rest of the pack as the key players at the center of such, fostering progress…

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American Trucking Associations

Addressing America’s Truck Driver Shortage

America’s trucking industry has long been—quite literally—the engine behind its economy, transporting large quantities of raw materials, works in progress, and finished goods all across the country for the last 60 years or so, acting as the middle man between…

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JAXUSA Partnership

Heating Up: Jacksonville’s Growing Prosperity

When looking across the United States at regional areas that serve as major drivers of industrial growth and overall economic prosperity, the city of Jacksonville and its surrounding counties are often (unfairly) left off the list. While it has long…

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Manufacturing Day

National Spotlight: Manufacturing’s Big Day

Manufacturing Day this year was hailed as a significant victory for U.S. manufacturers and their efforts towards raising awareness about the modern state of manufacturing and its integral role in the nation’s past, present and future success.

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Talent Strategies

Getting the Leaders You Need to Build the Systems of the Future

Disruption has a way of sneaking up on industries even when they know it is coming. This is because the shift takes place at geometric speed: slowly at first, and then with increasing acceleration.

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Michigan Manufacturing

From Rust Belt to High Tech: How Employment Rebounded in Michigan

Job Growth in Michigan Puts the Mitten on the Map as Unemployment Drops to its Lowest in More than a Decade.

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Going Global: The U.S. Middle-Market Manufacturing Sector Evolves

Middle market manufacturers help drive the U.S. economy and have been an important part of the economic recovery over the past few years.

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It Takes a Village: To Sustain Their Growth, Manufacturers Must Join Forces to Attract Millennials

If anyone should be smiling, it's Karen Norheim, Executive Vice President of American Crane & Equipment Corporation. She's in her dream job, and her company is flourishing.

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All Hands on Deck: Southwest Alabama’s IMCP Lift

As part of Industry Today’s ongoing, extensive coverage of the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) program, we take a look at yet another one of the twelve designated communities to see how they’re using federal recognition and funding to…

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Instituting Industry Change

The Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow (LIFT) consortium recently opened a new $148 million, 100,000-square-foot innovation acceleration center in Detroit to serve as its headquarters going forward. In a conversation with Industry Today, the organization's Executive Director, Lawrence E. Brown, talks…

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Filling the “STEM Gap”

America's skilled workforce is at risk. The needs of our nation's economy are outpacing the skill sets and education of our youth, creating a "gap" in our workforce.

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