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March 28, 2024 Comma CMMS and Hexastate Announce Strategic Partnership

PF Consultants and Hexastate have formed a strategic partnership to integrate AI into Comma CMMS.

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PF Consultants, developers of Comma CMMS, a leading computerized maintenance management solution and Hexastate, a pioneer in artificial intelligence for industrial equipment maintenance, have announced a strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive and integrated predictive maintenance solution to their customers.

The partnership will enable industrial maintenance teams to leverage the power of AI to monitor the health and performance of their assets, and to receive early warnings of potential failures or anomalies directly on their comma CMMS installation. By integrating Hexastate’s hardware and AI platform with Comma CMMS’s robust maintenance management solution, customers will be able to further optimize their maintenance schedules, reduce downtime, extend equipment life and safety, and ultimately save costs.

Comma CMMS and Hexastate share a vision of empowering customers to achieve operational excellence through automated data-driven maintenance. Hexastate applies advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze sensor data from equipment and generate actionable insights. Comma CMMS is a simple and affordable solution for managing work orders, preventive maintenance, inventory, assets, and reports. It is easy to see that the combination of each company’s expertise can truly elevate any company’s maintenance performance.

“We are thrilled to partner with Hexastate and to bring their innovative AI technology to our customers,” said Rui Alves, PF Consultants’ Technical Director. “This partnership will create a powerful synergy that will enhance the value and efficiency of our solutions.”

“We are excited to work with Comma CMMS and to integrate our AI platform with their maintenance management system,” said Malte Nørgaard, CEO of Hexastate during the partnership announcement. “We think that this partnership will offer a competitive edge to our customers and will definitely help them achieve better results.”

The integration of both platforms will be demonstrated on an upcoming free technical webinar scheduled to take place on the 9th of April, 2024.

Registration for the event is now open (

For more details and information, please email or use the contact forms on any of the company’s websites.

Hexastate is a Danish company based in Aalborg that provides predictive maintenance solutions for industrial assets since 2018. Hexastate’s vision is to help manufacturing companies avoid expensive breakdowns in their production by developing the leading IoT and AI-powered predictive maintenance solution in the industry. Know more at

Comma CMMS is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system that helps businesses manage their assets, work orders, inventory, and preventive maintenance. In operation since 2013 the company supports a wide range of industries that have an industrial maintenance component to their operations from technical entertainment to manufacturing. Know more at


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