On the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day, it’s important to remind everyone of the changes they can make to preserve the planet.

By Anna Allwright, strategy specialist at Cubic Transportation Systems

For more than 50 years, we’ve celebrated Earth Day on April 22 as a reminder of the precious resources on our planet and the ways in which we can sustain its beauty.

In an effort to help save our Earth, Cubic is proud to announce that all our office locations offer diligent recycling programs as well as energy-efficient lighting, water and appliances. We are also aiming to cut our carbon emissions in the coming years, and our Corporate Responsibility Report, which will be published shortly, will break down how we further lowered our water usage, greenhouse gas emissions and more.

This Earth Day, it’s critical to remember that one of the most important ways we as individuals can invest in our planet is to be conscious of the environmental impact of our daily travel choices, and where possible, choose to walk, cycle or use public transportation instead of driving a single occupancy vehicle. Just as nutritional information is widely available and people are becoming more conscious of the calories they consume, we want to encourage everyone to become more aware of their travel carbon footprint, and make smart, eco-friendly transportation choices.

But it’s not just up to individuals. When it comes to allocating funds for infrastructure, the government often places an emphasis on roads and bridges rather than supporting public transit. Instead, we need to be putting these funds towards providing shared, climate-friendly options so public transit can easily be everyone’s go-to method of transportation. In honor of Earth Day, we’d like to call upon transit agencies and lawmakers to ensure that the best transportation choice for the environment aligns with the easiest choice for the passenger in order for us to preserve our planet.

As the impact of climate change becomes more apparent everyday, it’s imperative that everyone across the globe take responsibility for their environmental footprint. As the official Earth Day website says, “we need to act boldly, innovate broadly, and implement equitably.”

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