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December 22, 2023 EZO’s AssetSonar and Cisco’s Meraki Come Together

Partnership will help with seamless endpoint discovery and management, making processes simpler for IT teams.

Austin. Texas – EZO, a leading cloud-based asset management software provider, today announced a partnership between AssetSonar, an industry leading IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution, with Cisco Meraki – a collaboration set to redefine the landscape of network asset management. This strategic alliance is poised to offer unparalleled advantages to businesses across various sectors, solidifying AssetSonar’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and scalability.

This partnership brings together the strengths of AssetSonar’s complete asset lifecycle management and Cisco Meraki’s cutting-edge network management capabilities. By seamlessly integrating the two solutions, AssetSonar enhances its offerings, catering to the evolving needs of diverse industries and potential expansion of its customer base to include more premium enterprise clients.

EZO’s AssetSonar is designed to streamline and simplify the management of hardware, software, and network assets throughout their lifecycle. By offering comprehensive asset tracking, automated workflows, and real-time visibility, AssetSonar empowers organizations to optimize their IT resources and enhance operational efficiency.

Syed Ali ezo
Syed Ali

“Our partnership with Cisco Meraki is a pivotal moment for AssetSonar. By aligning ourselves with a global leader like Cisco, we aim to simplify processes for  IT teams, providing them with robust solutions that address key business challenges – from consolidation of IT inventory to serving as a single source of truth for organizations,” said Syed Ali, founder and CEO, EZO. “This collaboration not only signifies our commitment to innovation but also underscores our dedication to offering comprehensive, efficient, and secure solutions for our clients.”

The coming together of these two technology solutions is a stride toward excellence in IT asset management, particularly for industries embracing hybrid work policies, boasting multiple locations, and emphasizing sustainability and scalable growth. Medium to large companies across sectors such as higher education, healthcare, local and state governments, financial services, and hospitality are set to benefit from the centralized management and monitoring capabilities offered by Cisco Meraki coupled with AssetSonar’s complete asset lifecycle management.

Working together, these technologies will help address many common business challenges, including inaccurate inventory databases, scalability bottlenecks, hardware degradation, and lack of visibility. Key business benefits include asset discovery and classification, firmware updates for all devices, zero-touch software distribution, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and role-based access control.

AssetSonar’s integration with Cisco Meraki will also help empower IT teams across these industries, providing them with a 360-degree view by consolidating software, hardware, and network assets in one central platform.

This collaboration enables organizations to improve asset management and reduce redundancy, streamline IT workflows through automation, ensure compliance with IT policies and regulations and save time and enhance productivity through efficient asset tracking. It also provides users with the following:

  • A centralized view of IT infrastructure: Automated discovery and categorization of all software, hardware, and network devices, leading to time-saving, and updated information in your central ITAM solution.
  • Ensures network uptime by implementing proactive maintenance: Meraki allows monitoring and managing of your network infrastructure and AssetSonar helps ensure that all components of infrastructure are always up and running by scheduling periodic maintenance.
  • Software asset management: AssetSonar discovers all in-premise and cloud software from all organizations and networks, and enables IT teams to have better visibility into usage and compliance.
  • Asset lifecycle management: AssetSonar leverages real-time device data from Meraki to oversee and manage every asset lifecycle management stage, from procurement to retirement and everything in between.  

“The seamless integration of Cisco Meraki with AssetSonar aims to save time and improve efficiency by providing real-time visibility and control over network-connected devices,” added Ali. “It enables IT teams to import IT assets – mainly computer devices and mobile and network devices – into AssetSonar, allowing IT teams to track, manage, and streamline workflows.

For more information about AssetSonar, please click here.

About EZO
EZO was founded in 2011 with a mission to build easy-to-use yet powerful cloud-based operations solutions for organizations worldwide. Our team is passionate about delivering consistently amazing user experiences with best-in-class functionality and enterprise scalability. EZO’s products help thousands of organizations around the globe streamline operations in many key areas, including physical asset management with EZOfficeInventory, IT asset management with AssetSonar, equipment maintenance management with EZO CMMS and rental business management with EZRentOut. For more information, visit www.ezo.io


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