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July 13, 2023 KOC Project of Visual Flame Detection Systems

Aesthetix proudly announces the successful completion of their earmarked project of deploying a CCTV visual flame detection system.

Aesthetix is pleased to report the accomplishment of their planned project to install a CCTV visual flame detection system for the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) pipeline from North Pier to NTF. The project’s most practical and successful solution was offered by Aesthetix employing their experience. The scope of the project included analogue 0-20 mA signals sent via a fibre optic network, sophisticated redundancy requirements, and alarm management. The monitoring system was modified, and improved industrial switch configuration systems were adopted, both of which resulted in positive changes. Additionally, integrating signal transmission to RTU and offering a sufficient DC power source suitable for hazardous settings were included in the project’s scope.

As pioneers in offering efficient VFD solutions, Aesthetix expanded the project’s scope by taking part in the design, engineering, manufacturing, assembly (integration), FAT, supervision of erection, site acceptance testing (SAT), and commissioning of the visual flame detection system, as well as the necessary interface (network) components for the optical fibre communication system (OFCS) and hazardous area DC power supply systems.


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