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October 18, 2023 TinyMCE & CKEditor Unveil Rich Text Editing Reports

Rich text editing giants and portfolio brand members unveil survey results from 1,100+ tech professionals.

Boston, Mass. – Tiugo Technologies spotlights critical rich text editing insights through two reports conducted by its portfolio brands, CKEditor and TinyMCE, showcasing responses from over 1,100 tech professionals that work with a wide range of rich text editors. The first report, The State of Collaborative Rich Text Editing Report, takes the world of rich text editing’s temperature and exposes how developers predict the future of collaborative rich text editing will unfold. The second report, The State of Rich Text Editing Report, provides valuable insights into the trends, commentary and influences of the rich text editing community.

Key Insights from CKEditor’s First-Ever State of Collaborative Rich Text Editing Report:

  • Collaboration: Collaboration is a must-have feature for mainstream rich text editors, with 60% of respondents saying collaboration is extremely or very important. Additionally, nearly two-thirds of respondents are aiming to introduce collaborative features by the end of the year like real-time collaboration, tracked changes, revision history and user management.
  • Power users are looking for customization and advanced features. A full 60% of those who rate collaboration as highly important are likely seasoned rich text editor pros, with different priorities from the mainstream. Apart from collaboration, these power users prioritize deep customization, integration with other frameworks, and embedding complex content types.

“For the most part, the average rich text editor hasn’t adapted to the biggest shift in the way we work, with most rich text editors stuck in an earlier time where one-user-at-a-time was a norm,” said Wiktor Walc, Chief Technology Officer at CKEditor. “The positive news is that the State of Collaborative Rich Text Editing Report results prove that developers are aware of what’s missing from their rich text editors and have plans on deploying collaboration and AI features in the near future.”

Key Insights from TinyMCE’s Third Annual State of Rich Text Editors Report:

  • AI: AI is demonstrably shaping the market and engineering expectations of what rich text editors need to offer in the near future. Respondents expect cutting-edge advancements and complete integration with Generative Live Language Models (LLM)
  • Fundamentals: The fundamentals of performance and security remain of utmost importance with this question garnering an average of 73% on the likert scale. Three factors closely follow performance and security as ‘fundamentals’ in rich text editors: easy customization, quick and user-friendly onboarding, and a familiar UI that resembles popular applications like MS Word or Google Docs.

“The findings of our survey makes it abundantly clear that the tech community envisions a transformative role for AI in the realm of rich text editing,” said Elise Bentley, Vice President of Marketing at TinyMCE. “AI is already driving significant advancements in several sectors of the world, and at TinyMCE, we’re excited to be at the forefront of this revolution, continuously integrating new advancements.”

Both reports prove that rich text editors are crucial for developers’ applications, with 77% of respondents emphasizing the importance of their chosen rich text editor. Given this, Tiugo Technologies is confident that rich text editors will only rise in popularity as they continue to become an integral part of content management.

Challenges highlighted in the TinyMCE report point to possibilities for the future of rich text editing, including the ability to manipulate media files, seamless integration with other tools, autosave functionalities, voice-to-text and more.

“We’re thrilled to serve as a catalyst for CKEditor and TinyMCE to join forces for the State of Collaborative Rich Text Editing Report,” said Scott Heimes, Chief Revenue Officer of Tiugo Technologies. “The combined expertise of CKEditor and TinyMCE has enabled us to provide valuable insights that will shape the next era of collaborative content creation.”

To read the full State of Collaborative Rich Text Editing Report, visit ckeditor.com/insights/collaboration-survey-report/. For more information on CKEditor, visit ckeditor.com. To learn more about CKEditor’s flagship product, visit ckeditor.com/ckeditor-5/. To read the full State of Rich Text Editors Report, visit tiny.cloud/developer-survey-results/. For more information on TinyMCE, visit Tiny.cloud. To learn more about AI in rich text editing, visit tiny.cloud/ai-integration. To learn more about Tiugo Technologies, visit tiugotech.com.

About Tiugo Technologies
Tiugo Technologies is a launchpad for new developer platforms, helping software companies accelerate growth, increase operating efficiency and scale their business. As an affiliate of PSG, one of the country’s top technology investment firms, Tiugo is assembling a portfolio of API-first, market-leading developer platforms focused on content creation and digital collaboration. Bringing together world-class content experiences with an objective to succeed in the competitive developer platform market, Tiugo’s collection of companies offer holistic, differentiated solutions that create more value together than they can alone. Tiugo’s current family of brands include ButterCMS, TINY Technologies and CKSource. To learn more about Tiugo, visit tiugotech.com.

About CKSource
CKSource is the creator of CKEditor, the leading enterprise-grade WYSIWYG framework that provides complete customization and control for development teams. Build almost anything imaginable using its 1000+ APIs, modern composable architecture, and ultra-modern features that are purpose-built for collaboration. Starting as an Open Source project in 2003, its flagship product, CKEditor5, is used by millions around the globe. To learn more about CKSource, visit cksource.com.

About Tiny Technologies
Tiny Technologies is the creator of TinyMCE, a trusted WYSIWYG component that enables rich text editing capabilities within an application. Scalable, adaptable and reusable, it powers 100M+ projects worldwide and more than 1.5M+ developers use it to add velocity to their tech stacks, so they can build and ship their projects faster. It’s helped SaaS companies, large enterprises, content creators and publishers to launch, grow and scale their businesses, reduce their development and technical debt burdens, minimize ongoing support tickets and boost the productivity of their users. To learn more about Tiny Technologies, visit Tiny.cloud.


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