Opportunities for full-time remote employees.

Beyond the human element of what we’ve gone through and continue to go through as members of the human race during the COVID-19 pandemic, beyond all of the uncertainty and stress and sleepless nights, many of us have learned that we enjoy working from home. And so, as we prepare to return to the daily grind, some of us are interested in finding opportunities to become a full-time remote employee. Let’s take a look at a list of 11 industries that may accommodate us.

Career Services Advisor – A career service advisor is someone who helps students find jobs upon graduation or completion of a training program. In this role, you might find yourself advising students on improving their resumes and preparing for interviews; in general you might feel like a combination customer service agent and motivational speaker.

Copywriter – An industry that suits the remote workforce concept well is content copywriting. The industry is varied. Some remote copywriting positions ask for a bachelor’s degree or higher plus several years of specific experience. Others are willing to see what you’ve got in your portfolio and go from there.

Customer Service Agent – A remote customer service agent might handle inbound calls, reply to emails, utilize a ticketing system, and/or provide chat support. The skill set could be broad or specific; a remote customer service employee could handle anything from online retail support to highly technical assistance.

English Teacher – There are companies who might hire you to teach English remotely. Your students would learn from you through video chat. Depending on the company, you may be required to have a bachelor’s degree.

Marketing Specialist – While elsewhere in this article we discuss copywriters, SEO specialists, and social media managers, some companies are looking to hire more of a generalist. If you have a variety of experience in the field, you might consider looking at broader marketing-related jobs.

Online Content Review Specialist – The requirements for an online content review specialist generally involve strong analytical capabilities, reasoning capabilities, and the ability to make nuanced decisions. In this role you might be responsible for approving videos, photos, and similar content that users of a website are hoping to post.

Sales Agent – While people who work in sales are often required to come into the office for meetings, many sales agents work in the field most of the time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist – An SEO specialist works to help websites be found by customers searching for a given search term. Although the SEO specialist costs money, being found in organic search results doesn’t. SEM specialists pay for ads and help websites be found in the sponsored portion of a search result page. Both jobs are highly specialized and could potentially be done by remote employees.

Social Media Coordinator/Manager – Some companies will hire a remote social media manager to handle their Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter accounts. The social media manager may work with other members of a marketing team or, in smaller companies, handle a wide variety of the marketing responsibilities themselves.

Tutor – If you have an education background, you may be able to find remote work as a tutor. As with the English teacher example above, you might be required to have a bachelor’s degree or higher, plus experience in the classroom. Requirements may vary.

Virtual Assistant – A virtual assistant is typically an administrative assistant who works for more than one client. In this field, your services would be billed to clients at an hourly rate, much in the same way that legal services are (although virtual assistants cost much less per hour than an attorney). As a virtual assistant, you could work for a company or independently.

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