A look at ways that your business can capitalize on the widespread growth of globalization.

Experts have long assured us that globalisation is the future of business.

And as the last few months have forced companies to introduce rapid changes to they way they operate, meaning that many industries are more remote than ever, this has never been more true.

But the restrictions of lockdown have taught many businesses how to adapt, and some have found their new working methods to be just as efficient – or even more so – than the traditional model. And as many remote measures seem set to stay in place, with rumours of working from home becoming the norm for many employees, this opens up a world of opportunities for business in the future.

With that in mind, here are just three ways your business can capitalise on the widespread growth of globalisation.

  1. International selling

The internet has made globalisation easier than ever for businesses of all sizes, who are able to build a customer base across the world thanks to marketplace sites like eBay and Amazon.

But if you’re looking to target specific international markets, you should undertake some research to ensure that you’re finding the right audience for your products and services.

This will enable you to construct a marketing campaign which targets localised customer bases and build brand awareness – for instance, constructing a social media account for your business in the regional language and tailoring its content to the needs of that particular audience.

  1. Hire remote

If you’re one of the thousands of businesses that have worked from home in the past few months, you already know how whether or not this model works for your business.

But if you have found success in remote working, consider the implications this could have on both your aims for globalisation and your hiring process.

With a remote business model, you are no longer limited by location when it comes to choosing candidates. Instead, you are able to access an international talent pool, bringing in not only new skills but additional insights into international markets, something which is priceless to a business on the cusp of globalisation.

  1. Invest

Countries across the globe are actively encouraging investors with schemes that facilitate business and work opportunities. Citizenship by investment programs are designed for precisely this purpose, and the Golden Visa in Portugal stands out as one of the world’s most effective and successful of its kind.

Portugal’s Golden Visa is not simply an investment opportunity, although it is highly accessible with eligible property investments starting at around €350,000 – Property Lisbon are skilled experts in helping investors find the right property for them.

This scheme also opens up business opportunities in Portugal and across the EU. Portugal is also rated as one of the top places to live in Europe, with major cities like Lisbon and Porto attracting expats year upon year. And with a minimum stay requirement that averages out to one week per year, investors aren’t tied down by the scheme, which offers great flexibility.

This is perfect for businesspeople looking outside of the box for globalisation opportunities.

We hope this article has provided some inspiration for your next business move.

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