Product teams are under pressure to produce. But bringing new products to market is incredibly complex–and that was before unexpected disruption and uncertainty dramatically shifted markets. Now more than ever, product teams need to operate with the kind of agility that helps them respond to market shifts and bring the most profitable products to market quickly and frequently.

To get there, product leaders and teams need to reimagine the way they operate in order to move at a faster pace at every step from ideation to launch, iterativley roadmap and prioritize the most viable products, and bring those products to market the moment they’re needed.

By adjusting a few things in the way your product teams operate, you’ll be able to streamline your product development processes to help the business meet demand and remain competitive and viable in a rapidly evolving market–all without adding budget, time, or resources.

Join us as Chris O’Neal, Product Marketing at Workfront and Kelsey Brogan, Senior Director of Program Management at Workfront outline three steps to streamlining product innovations to help you:

  • identify the right opportunities
  • align product roadmaps with company strategy
  • simplify budgets and planning timelines
  • standardize product workflows and lifecycles
  • and automate reviews and approvals

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Chris Oneal Workfront, Industry Today
Chris O’Neal, Product Marketing
Kelsey Brogan Workfront, Industry Today
Kelsey Brogan, Senior Director, Program Management
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