We depend on technology to make our lives easier. Technical know-how and the knack of using technology have developed some astonishing inventions, one of them is electrical appliances. From homes, industries to commercial establishments, these electrical appliances have proved to be an efficient way to do work. The performance of the electrical appliances depends mainly on the efficiency of its electric motors.

Electric motors are known to consume a lot of electricity, much more than most of the other technology used in industrial and commercial applications. Leaps in technology have now made it possible to design energy-efficient motors that save energy costs by consuming less energy.

Efficiency of Electric Motors

It is the ratio between the electrical input power and the shaft output power. Most electric motors are designed to run anything between 50% to 100% of the rated load and deliver maximum efficiency at 75% of the rated load. For example, if an electric motor has 100hp, it will have an acceptable load range of anything between 50hp and 100hp, with its peak efficiency at 75hp. A motor loses its efficiency when it goes below 50% of its rated load or when a used electric motor overheats.

4 Steps for Maximizing Motor Life, Industry Today

4 Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Electric Motors

1. Connect Electric Motors to Variable Frequency Drives to Enhance Performance

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) can efficiently and quickly improve the performance of the motor to reach its optimal efficiency. In the presence of a VFD, the electric motor is able to work without exerting the usual force that would be required when the VFD is absent. Thus, VFDs make electrical appliances more energy-efficient. Most companies encourage the use of VFDs as it makes electrical appliances operate in an environment-friendly manner.

2. Eliminate Voltage Fluctuations for Optimal Performance of The Electric Motors

The imbalance in voltage adversely affects the operation of an electric motor by causing the following problems:

  • Reducing locked rotor and breakdown torques for the application
  • Reducing full load speed
  • Motor design contributes to voltage imbalance
  • Increasing or decreasing operation temperatures

It is critical to the process to eliminate voltage imbalance to ensure optimal performance of the electric motors. Let’s have a look at how it can be achieved.

  • If the electric motor works on a single-phase, the load needs to be immediately distributed on a three-phase system.
  • If equipment causes disturbance in the three-phase reactance, replace it immediately.
  • Install active or reactive filters that reduce the harmonics, which in turn significantly reduces the voltage unbalance.

3. Select the Right Size Motor to Ensure Maximum Efficiency

It is crucial to select the motor of the right size because most industries and commercial plants use huge electrical appliances that feed on large amounts of energy. Different applications and processes require different types of motors depending on the type of tasks they need to accomplish. It is therefore necessary to evaluate the type of work or process and choose the motor accordingly. Selecting a slightly oversized electric motor for an application or process offers extra capacity and extends the operating life of the motor.

However, to ensure that the motor’s potential is not wasted, it is important to keep the difference between the standard operating load and the motor’s potential load low.

4. Execute an Effective Maintenance Program to Avoid Equipment Failure

Failure in the performance of electric motor failure results in unplanned downtime, slowed down production, increased labor costs, expensive spare part replacement and repair, all these incur losses to the company. However, if an effective, regular maintenance program is implemented, the motor problems can be identified much earlier and the necessary steps can be taken to ensure that operations run smoothly.

You can improve the performance and the life of your electric motor, by implementing the points mentioned above. Electrical appliances with a highly efficient electric motor can make your operations run smoothly, save costs and ensure a better quality of life, be it at home or at work.

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