Manufacturing is one of the least active on social media. Here we look at some of the benefits.

Social media has indeed turned into a global phenomenon over time. More than 90% of the internet users are active on social media. It makes up more than half of the entire world’s population. This huge number of users include different types of people. There are celebrities, presidents, brands, sportspersons, and whatnot who are active on social media for different reasons. Many brands now use social media profoundly for marketing and networking purposes. Many industries are shifting over to the internet and social media but many are staying away from it either. The manufacturing industry is one of the least active industries on social media. Surveys have proven how a majority of manufacturing professionals don’t use social media for any work purposes.

Whatever the reason might be, many professionals are missing out on many benefits of social media. Here are 5 ways in which social media can be used beneficially in manufacturing industries.

1. Networking

Networking, or creating a network, means building connections with like-minded people. Networking is critical in businesses and industries as it creates better and bigger opportunities for the future. Traditionally, networking has been done through conventions or meetings. But the arrival of social media made the whole process easier and more direct. As almost all kind of brands are now online, it is easy to contact and connect with them. Like-minded professionals are only a click away thanks to social media. It has become easier to create chances of future partnerships and other working opportunities. Not only it helps in creating new connections but also improve the existing ones.

2. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the most important aspect of any business. You can not be successful unless there are people who recognize your name. Brand awareness is conventionally created with help of global advertising and word of mouth. But all of that can be done with the help of social media now.

Not only can you promote your offline company but also help boost any websites and blogs you already own. There are many platform-exclusive tools and other third-party apps like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat can help to grow your business page. You can also promote your new products online for both your existing customers and new ones.

3. Online Presence & Relevancy

In this age of the internet, having an online presence is extremely crucial for businesses to stay relevant and at the top of your game. Having an online presence doesn’t mean just having a page or two. It means your name shows up whenever something related to your line of products is searched online.

Social media is a great platform to have a prominent presence online. One reason for that is that it allows people to check out what you offer and are capable of. Another major reason is that social media presence makes your name show up in internet searches when relevant products are searched. Social media is also capable of boosting your website by making your page traffic lead on to the website. An increase in traffic will make your website more relevant and show up on the top results.

4. Brand and Community Growth

Change is always required for growth. Even if you are happy with the current state, further growth should always be a goal. Social media provides a great scope for not only growing your brand but for your existing community as well. As a lot of entities in this industry avoid high-level marketing, they have a limited community. Social media can help to bring in attention and to create a loyal community that will prove helpful for the whole brand in long term. It not only keeps the existing community together but also expands it beyond. As the community starts growing, so does the brand as a whole.

5. Connecting with Customers

Customer feedback is an integral part of the business. There is no scope of improvement if you do not have the privilege of getting to know what customer likes and whatnot. Having a social media account not only allows for customer feedback but builds a direct connection with them as well. You can interact with your consumers and get to hear their complaints or praises with ease. Social media is the easiest and most straightforward platform for customer interaction. It is also the only way you can manage to create a direct and personal connection with your community. You can even take suggestions from customers that can help you further improve your product in the future.

These were the 5 benefits that social media offers in the manufacturing industry. Many brands and industries are leading the race with assistance from social media. Manufacturing industries seem to lag behind in this race but that can be changed without breaking a sweat. There are many ways social media can be used for not only your betterment but the consumers as well.

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