Here are some of the most prominent signs that your cabin air filter is failing.

Every vehicle has a number of important parts, all of which need to operate in a healthy condition in order to ensure that the vehicle is safe and comfortable for all passengers. The air cabin filter is one such important component.

You need to ensure that the cabin air filter is functioning properly or it will lead to multiple problems in the vehicle. You need to repair or replace the filter whenever you notice any problem in it. Here are some of the most prominent signs that your cabin air filter is failing:

1. Poor airflow from the vents

This is perhaps the most common signal associated with a faulty cabin air filter. Poor air flow from the interior vents of your vehicle is a definite warning sign of your air filter needing some repairs or replacement.

A contaminated air filter would not be able to filter air as effectively as a clean one. This results in a restricted airflow for the air conditioning system which in turn leads to the vents blowing air with a very less force and also adds extra stress on the vehicle’s AC system.

2. Unusual odor from the vehicle’s vents

If you notice some unusual odor coming from the vents in your vehicle, it can be a sign that your cabin air filter needs to be replaced. A filter that is very contaminated will lead to a dirty, dusty or musty smell coming from the car’s interior vents. This smell will further intensify when you try to increase the airflow of the AC system and make sitting in the vehicle unpleasant for everyone.

3. Increased fan noises

When you turn on the AC system of your vehicle, you should hear only a soft noise of the air escaping the vents. A soft healthy noise from the fan is an indicator that your air cabin filter and the AC system are in good shape. However, if you begin to hear increased noises from the fan, it means that the filter is failing.

When large particles enter the air cabin filter, not only do they make it difficult for the air to enter and be properly filtered, but they also cause a lot of noise when the air passes through. As a result, whenever you turn on the fan in your vehicle, you would hear a loud noise. This noise would only grow louder over time if you leave the air filter unrepaired.

4. Foggy or Icy windows

A big function of the cabin air filter is to maintain the flow of air within the vehicle and help clear out fog that sets on the windows. A failing air filter will result in the airflow being weakened. This poor air flow, in turn, results in the vehicle’s system not functioning properly and makes it difficult to remove the condensation from windows.

As a result, your car windows would remain icy or foggy for a longer period of time which can prove to be potentially fatal when driving.

5. Problems in the heating and cooling system

Cabin air filters that are failing tend to be clogged. This clogging results in a reduced air flow for the AC systems and reduces HVAC efficiency. The vehicle’s heating and cooling capacity will be reduced as a result of this. It will also put a lot of stress on the system and might lead to a blowout.

Also, less airflow will make it difficult to adjust to the temperature within the vehicle and make it uncomfortable for all passengers when seasons change.

Over to you…

You need to change your vehicle’s cabin air filter the moment you notice any of the signs mentioned above or it can lead to several problems in the car that can also lead to an accident. On average, global road fatalities are about 18.2 per 100,000 people.

If you don’t wish to contribute to that number, it’s best to replace the cabin air filter after you have been using it for a couple of years because it will not be functioning at its best.

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