Learning and motivational opportunities to give you a boost in your career.

Feeling stuck in a rut can happen to anyone, no matter your age or what stage you’re at in your career. Whether you feel aimless on your current path or unable to convince your superiors that you’re due a promotion, there’s only one thing you can do when you see a seemingly insurmountable obstacle in your way – make a change.

Of course, the real challenge lies in the change you make. While there’s something reassuring about the glut of choices available to give kick your career into gear, choosing one from the crowd can be a real headache.

Indeed, helping people find new meaning in their career has become a business in itself – one that’s over-brimming with shysters, con artists and endless exercises in redundancy disguised as self-help techniques.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve found a few learning and motivational opportunities that will give you a boost. Take a look – who knows? By the end of this article you might be digging yourself out of your rut already.

1. Find the meaning

It’s easy to be negative about your career prospects. But if you want to make an impactful change in your life, positivity is key.

Start by figuring out the beneficial aspects of your job that you’d like to build on. Then apply these aspects to the broader canvas of your career, discerning whether or not they represent the path you’d like to take.

Finding meaning in the job you have will help you figure out the job you want in the future – and could lead you down an entirely new career path.

2. Get studying

If a lack of autonomy in your career is the main source of your anxiety, then perhaps striking out on your own is the solution to your professional problems.

But starting your own business is a difficult undertaking, and one that will benefit from a little education.

If the idea of re-entering the educational sphere sounds daunting, then fear not. There are plenty of places to help you out. Private tuition from firms like Teachers To Your Home have specialists in Business Studies who can convene with you online to help you study more effectively.

3. Don’t be afraid of self-indulgence

In some circles, especially those which value a stiff upper lip repression, ‘self-indulgence’ is still considered to be a dirty phrase, the kind of namby-pamby nonsense peddled by self-help books and the hippy elite.

But in reality, a healthy dose of self-indulgence simply means allowing yourself to be happy on your own terms. And it’s just as valid in your career as it is in your personal life.

If you’ve no desire to switch careers but want to find some happiness in your working day, then being occasionally self-indulgent can be just the ticket. This can mean working from home whenever you get the chance or taking a few extra minutes on your lunch break. Whatever powers you through your day, make it count.

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