Whistleblower cases are complex and expensive. Do the research and pick a lawyer that suits your needs.

Do you have a whistleblower claim that you need to be addressed? The first thing to do would be to hire a good whistleblower lawyer. This will determine how the case goes and whether, indeed, the outcome will be favorable or not.

The following are some basic tips on how to pick the best lawyers:

1. Check the Success Rate

First off, it is important to pick a lawyer with previous experience and success with such cases. This must also be demonstrated or proven.

After all, it’s not uncommon for law firms to mention on their sites that they have won big whistleblower cases, and yet they can’t mention them.

A good lawyer should easily present a portfolio of their most successful whistleblower cases for you to evaluate.

2. Consider the Area of Specialization

These days law firms tend to focus on specific areas. Legal practice is broad, and it’s inconceivable that a lawyer can do everything.

So, always choose lawyers that have specialized over the years in whistleblower cases. It means they have enough experience and expertise to handle these cases with the utmost rigor.

3. Check the List of Whistleblower Cases

As noted above, a lawyer must present a portfolio or a list of whistleblower cases they have dealt with before. You can even ask to see cases that are similar to yours.

This will help you assess whether the firm has demonstrable expertise and track record in dealing with your specific case.

4. Consider the Location

Location matters too. Yes, whistleblower lawyers can take your case from anywhere in the country.

Most firms will typically offer to pay for any travel and accommodation costs that you may need. But in some cases, the location can give you that extra edge.

For example, law firms in Washington D.C. have some advantages since they are very close to the Department of Justice and other important government agencies like the SEC. This makes it more convenient for them to deal with these cases.

5. Availability of Resources

Each case is, of course, different and has its own merits. But based on previous experience, it is important to note that whistleblower cases can be expensive.

As the cases start to get litigated, there will be situations where multiple lawyers will be needed to step in. Therefore, a law firm must have enough legal personnel to fill in that gap when the need arises.

Also, there are a lot of out-of-pocket expenses in such cases. Whether it’s catering for your travel and accommodation costs or fees for consultants, these have to be addressed by the law firm.

In that case, always choose law firms that have enough resources within their ranks to make that happen.


Whistleblower cases are complex, expensive, and time-consuming. Therefore, you will need a Los Angeles whistleblower attorney that has enough experience and resources to stick with you until the end.

Some firms like AMFLLP are doing quite well in this area, but you are always free to do your research and pick a lawyer that suits you best.

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