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March 27, 2024 ABB Strengthens Capabilities for Force Sensor Testing

ABB’s service center in Danbury, Connecticut is now able to test force measurement sensors under extremely demanding conditions.

  • The 70-ton press can exert a force of 4,000,000 pounds on tested sensors, which are key to precision and dependability of rolling mills in steel and aluminium manufacturing
  • Local capability means ABB can now support North American customers with load cell testing in a time- and cost-efficient manner

ABB’s service center in Danbury, Connecticut has unveiled new capabilities that allow its service team to assess force measurement sensors such as the Pressductor® rolling mill force sensor under extremely demanding conditions. By integrating a roll force load cell hydraulic press in the center, ABB can support North American customers with load cell testing in a more time- and cost-efficient manner.

The roll force load cell press weighs 70 tons and is more than 17 feet high. The powerful machine can exert a force of 4,000,000 pounds on the tested sensors.

“Such machines are not common in the United States, and until recently we had to perform these tests overseas,” said Steve Reichert, Operations Manager, Danbury, ABB Measurement & Analytics. “With the new addition, we can keep these projects local, helping our customers save both time and money.”

The fully automated capabilities of the press enable the delivery of comprehensive condition reports to customers with significantly reduced turnaround times. The reports give quick access to in-depth evaluation results, expediting decision-making and allowing for prompt repairs or replacements when necessary.

Acknowledging the significance of precise force measurement, in conjunction with the new press, ABB has also initiated a “Strip and Advise” evaluation program. The program is designed to rigorously assess the performance of mill force sensors and, when needed, swiftly execute necessary repairs to ensure optimal operations and reliability.

The ABB Pressductor® force sensors are pivotal components in guaranteeing the precision and dependability of rolling mills. Positioned at the top, middle and bottom of the mill stack, these sensors assume the critical role of measuring the degree of reduction in steel or aluminium slabs as they undergo the transformation into thin sheets, a vital process in industries such as automotive manufacturing.

The Danbury service center offers the highest quality in testing, inspection and repair services for North American customers, including of roll force STR systems, Millmate Thickness Gauges, and strip scanners. The service center has a strong track record of using advanced technologies and follows well-established repair and fault-detection protocols, starting with visual examination, thorough cleaning, detailed electrical and thermal inspections, and now with full diagnostic load measurements.

Since 1970, ABB has maintained its leadership position in the field of rolling mill force sensor products, with more than 1,000 mill installations throughout the Americas.

ABB’s Process Automation business automates, electrifies and digitalizes industrial operations that address a wide range of essential needs – from supplying energy, water and materials, to producing goods and transporting them to market. With its ~20,000 employees, leading technology and service expertise, ABB Process Automation helps customers in process, hybrid and maritime industries improve performance and safety of operations, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.

ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize how things are manufactured, moved, powered and operated. Building on over 140 years of excellence, ABB’s more than 105,000 employees are committed to driving innovations that accelerate industrial transformation.  

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