May 20, 2019

In the late 1800s, many members of the scientific community believed humanity had uncovered almost as much about the universe as it could. Over the next century, some of the biggest scientific advancements in history were made. Hindsight can make anyone look like a fool.

In today’s tech climate, we’re in danger of doing the same. When you ask most people what technology they’re most excited about, they will mention the upcoming iPhone, folding Samsungs, Macbooks with higher processing power, and so on. Very few will mention technology that actually differs from what already exists. We seem to think we’ve got everything we need.

However, there are types of tech companies which have an eye to the future, and they make money because they can get people more excited than yet another camera on a phone can.

Accessible Science

Despite the fact that there are elements of society who would prefer science textbooks be removed from schools, most people get really excited about science. In particular, science which relates to them. Ancestry DNA tests are just one example of how scientific discovery brings joy to millions. On this site you’ll find the best DNA kits available.

These companies recognize that while people might not want to sit in lectures about science, they do want something with which they can interact. They can look at their ancestry results and see themselves in it. They can identify stars while lying on the grass with augmented reality apps. And they can learn about NASA’s latest discovery with pictures and news delivered straight to them.

There is a huge gap in the market here, with most science still being inaccessible to the general public. Companies that recognize that it can be accessible stand to make a lot of money.


Smart watches have their uses, but few people view them as necessities. That’s a failure in imagination and marketing from the monoliths who make them. The next logical step in technology is actual human integration. Monitoring our heart rate and counting our steps falls short, however.

Wearable tech shouldn’t be a gimmick. It shouldn’t be a fashion statement either. The ideal wearable tech is unseen, but makes life a lot easier. Think of how Google first envisioned Google Glass, except without having to wear an ugly pair of glasses. Their product was basically a phone that hovered in front of your eyes. Wearable tech should be able to give you information without impeding you.

Digital assistants are a far bigger step towards this than smart watches. Good digital assistants, which can seamlessly communicate with your wearable tech, remove the need for having to constantly look at your phone or watch.

Healthcare Tech

Finally, the big money is always in healthcare. As long as people live, people will want to live longer. Improved healthcare is never going to be a gimmick. It’s not a luxury but a necessity as soon as it is released.

Some huge advancements are being made in mental healthcare, for example, by tech startups. VR that helps people suffering with PTSD return virtually to a place they’re not ready to go to in person. Apps and therapy bots that guide people with anxiety through CBT exercises.

This is stuff that is happening right now, and they’re the companies making big money. Tech startups need to start looking to the future, or they’ll end up making the same thing over and over again.

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