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March 19, 2019

The Majority of Americans Hate Their Routined Jobs

With so many average Americans hating their tedious jobs, the introduction of artificial intelligence can make jobs exciting. The repeated tasks can be automated to machines and bots, while human beings can work on tasks that are more challenging and fulfilling in nature.

However, the professionals will need well-structured AI training to be fit for ample job opportunities on the market. The artificial intelligence certification can help one get started with their career. There are quality AI courses both online and offline that can provide a strong foundation to its students.

Some expert opinions explain how the rise of artificial intelligence is creating massive opportunities for young workforce.

The Introduction of Revolutionary Technologies Create Extra Jobs

Back in the early days of personal computer and the internet, the people were afraid of its impact on their careers. However, it only changed the nature of jobs and led to the creation of a massive industry, information technology, contribution to uncountable jobs.

The same change is happening in the modern world. The people who are in the brink of losing jobs are in a panic mode. It is easier to see what is happening in the present than what is about to happen in the future.

If one goes further back in history, people perceived the invention of electricity as a threat. There were more positive changes that took place with the introduction of each revolutionary technology in comparison to adverse changes.

There are many internet entrepreneurs, electrical engineers, software developers, network administrators, and more with the introduction of past revolutionary technologies.

The artificial intelligence has evolved a lot. The evolution of AI has resulted in the birth of trillion-dollar companies like Amazon. That is the result of AI. Furthermore, there are many emerging career options for people like a data scientist, AI programmer, and more. The online marketers have been able to get a tremendous rate of return on their investments all due to AI.

The business people are now able to catch future trends that are bringing in more opportunities, leading to more new jobs. There are more unique kinds of businesses and jobs all over the place.

AI Will Help Human Beings to Achieve More

The personal assistants were only for top executives. That is not the case anymore with the rise of artificial intelligence. Thanks to AI, every single employee has a privilege to have their digital assistants that are faster than human beings.

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Accenture report revealed that the collaboration of human beings and AI would improve the productivity of employees by 10% within 2020. There is no need for human beings to waste their time collecting or searching for information. The information is a click away, and AI assistant will do the collection and search.

The repeated tasks can be assigned to AI assistants, while employees will focus on essential duties that matter. The workforce will be smarter if the organization utilize technology in the right way.

Human Beings Will No Longer Need to Handle Dangerous Tasks

Human life is precious. No one wants to put their life at risk to do critical tasks. However, they are forced to perform their duties to earn their living and to run the economy. The rise of AI and robotics will now keep human beings away from dangerous jobs. Furthermore, it will allow young professionals to shift to more challenging assignments.

Human beings can be at risk due to an external environment, but there is no risk for robots whatsoever. The use of AI in robots makes them intelligent enough to handle the dangerous tasks intelligently.

The dangerous tasks need accuracy and robots can provide that. They can take over jobs like welding, underwater exploration, bomb diffusion, in-depth space exploration, disaster management, and so on without any difficulties. The replacement of these jobs will help improve the quality of life of many people who were doing these tasks in the past.

AI is Making Business People More Innovative

The innovation has led to an expansion of an economy and creation of jobs. The leaders are now able to look at the bigger picture of an organization, instead of allocating a lot of time thinking about how to reduce costs and maximize the profit.

The use of AI can help entrepreneurs make a quick and sound decision. It allows them to think about tomorrow and set bigger goals. They have more time to innovate and come up with new processes and products that will help their business grow.

AI technology enables leaders and employees to spend more time on learning and utilizing their knowledge. Suddenly, the jobs are getting more satisfying, and they are coming up with ideas that are helping business people to do more in less time.

It is Easier to Scale the Organization

Before AI, it was tough for an organization to manage their workplace. It takes a lot of time to gather, analyze, and come up with decisions for managing and scaling the organization. The recent advancement in AI has been a boon for many organizations.

The need for manual analysis of data is not a necessity anymore. The AI can go through the massive volume of data and come up with useful insights that will help business leaders to make a sound decision.

Previously, the small business owners were in a significant disadvantage. However, the AI is now accessible to them as well. They do not need to invest in hiring expensive employees to analyze their data. The AI will make tasks easier for them.

The scaling of an organization means more customers and higher retention rate, which will eventually create more jobs.

Selling Becomes Easier with AI

Back in the old days, sales were all about manipulation and guess works. In the modern world, making sales is about understanding customers’ taste and preference. AI is making technology companies enable to create smart databases that can prepare active sales forces. The deals are now data-driven due to AI, instead of guessing game.

There are advanced tools, such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and so on that can use AI for the extraction and development of insights that people can access. The higher sales volume mean an increment of companies’ revenue, market growth, economic growth, and better bonus and incentives for employees.

Final Verdict

The number of jobs that AI could create may increase at a more rapid rate in the times to come. Last year, the world saw a record $9.3 billion investment into AI startups. It indicates the massive opportunity that AI will create in its industry along with other sectors.

The professionals who invest their time in learning artificial intelligence (AI) can get into entrepreneurship with the increasing trend in AI investments. There is a good chance for creative AI professionals to get investments from venture capitalists and angel investors. The industry is still in its infancy, and the world can expect more innovation, jobs, and AI entrepreneurs in the times to come.

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