Volume 20 | Issue 5 | Year 2017

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The products made by BEKO Technologies, Corp. live up to its corporate motto of “Truth in Compressed Air.” By safely and cost-effectively removing water, oil and dirt particles that are a natural result of compressed air systems, BEKO Technologies makes it easier for its customers to meet their corporate obligations to properly process discharged condensate in a sustainable fashion. So we can all—customers and employees, as well as the rest of us—breathe a little easier.

“We’re the most widely-used, most widely-recognized brand in condensate management,” notes Jim Tomczyk, OEM / Business Development Manager.

Employing eco-safe and energy efficient techniques, the removal of contaminates results in more efficient operation that minimizes the potential of damage and additional maintenance costs. In addition to its industry leading condensate drain (BEKOMAT® with true zero air loss and the highest reliability of any standard condensate drains on the market) and processing (QWIK-PURE® and ÖWAMAT® for oil-water separation and BEKOSPLIT® for emulsified wastewater) technologies, BEKO Technologies has one of the most complete product portfolios on the market offering various air and process treatment systems, filtration and separation, drying, instrumentation and custom engineered solutions that are all equally important to achieving the highest environmental and performance standards.

The energy costs of compressed air systems are directly influenced by the pressure drop that occurs during compressed air filtration. To maintain the required operating pressure, the pressure drop has to be compensated by correspondingly higher compressor performance. This results in higher energy usage, not to mention premature compressor wear. Both of which significantly increase operational costs.

The solution is better compressed air filtration. For example, the latest generation of CLEARPOINT® 3eco filters increases the retention rate for oil aerosols by up to 10-fold. At the same time, the differential pressure is reduced by up to 50 percent, resulting in highly improved energy efficiency and process safety, as well as lower operating costs. “The annual energy savings alone more than cover the purchase price for the filter elements,” Tomczyk points out. For some of the most demanding conditions in sensitive applications, CLEARPOINT® V activated carbon absorbers remove a maximum oil content of 0.003 mg/m³.

Similarly, the DRYPOINT® XFi ecoIntelligent heated desiccant dryer with BEKOTOUCH 2 interface, achieves up to 90 percent energy savings compared to a conventional dryer, and up to 40 percent energy savings compared to a conventional dryer outfitted with a demand control system.

A new product, the DRYPOINT® M eco control automatically adjusts to changes in variable operating conditions. Purge air—and therefore energy—is consumed only when the dryer requires it in order to maintain the user selectable outlet pressure dew point. The result is lower energy and improved operational performance, and this technology is the first of its kind to be used in conjunction with compressed air membrane dryers.

BEKO Technologies has long been at the forefront of compressed air and gas membrane technology. It is one of the few producers of semi-permeable membrane fiber in the world, which is the principal technology of the company’s DRYPOINT® M products, applicable for use in both dehumidification and humidification processes.

BEKO Technologies also offers a range of air treatment systems that provide for more economic plant operation, reduced cycle times and increased productivity. The BEKOKAT®, for example, provides oil-free compressed air by converting hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water vapor. This is an ideal application where food safety is a concern, as well as for quality assurance in pharmaceutical production as well as most production and packaging processes. The result is oil-free compressed air irrespective of the type of compressor providing the supply air, which makes the BEKOKAT® a truly unique piece of technology.

Adding Intelligence

Another key area of the BEKO Technologies product platform is instrumentation. “More and more we’re seeing the need to add intelligence to compressed air systems,” Tomczyk points out. The METPOINT® instrumentation line provides both portable and stationary plug-and-play monitoring that is also easily integrated into existing systems. A single display unit can provide intelligence for just about any function—including measurement of pressure, flow and pressure dew point—to fully optimize just about every facet of a compressed air or gas line. The line is also user-expandable for future growth or as needs change within the production environment.

“The precise measurement of humidity and flow rate provide the foundation for various analyses, documentation and decisions in connection with compressed air systems,” Tomczyk explains. When you consider that in many applications every third compressor is running only to compensate for the loss of air, accurate flow rate measurement immediately alerts you to problems to expedite correction. When you consider that energy expenses account for up to 86 percent of annual operating costs for air compression systems, loss-free compressed air transport is absolutely key to maximize operational efficiency and reduce costs.

These technologies are developed, designed and manufactured in-house using high-tech, high-speed ISO 9001 certified processes. “In Atlanta we have a 50,000 square foot facility that is REACH and RoHS compliant. We’ve recently implemented Lean processes to increase our efficiencies, and are also working to increase our efforts with Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 initiatives for our products and in our own production,” Tomczyk says.

He adds, “Though we service primarily the Americas, I’d say that almost every day we’re in communication with our colleagues in Europe and Asia to discuss issues and share best practices.”

BEKO Technologies markets products through a dealer/distributor network, as well as to end-users and OEMs. “In part because our products are used across a wide variety of market segments, we’ve been enjoying steady growth over the last few years. As the market and technology leader, we provide a line of high-quality products backed with a reputation of demonstrated success and reliability. Overall, though, I do get the sense that with the improving economy and business confidence, we are seeing end-users expanding or upgrading their systems and increasing the demand for our products. At BEKO Technologies, we are committed to continuous improvement of our products and services in ways that are sustainable and increase customer satisfaction.”

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