A look at the prerequisites required to be a professional insurance agent.

To work for an insurance company as an insurance agent or work independently as an insurance broker, you must meet certain specified perquisites to come forward in the said domain without feeling skeptical about your qualifications. Insurance agencies tend to be very rigorous when it comes to hiring agents, and why would they be? Healthcare, life, property, casualties, etc. are sensitive topics to deal with and professional insurance agents having all the required knowledge in the discipline helps the company grow.

When starting your career off as an insurance agent, a high school diploma would be enough. But that might not be a wise move if you want to get you very far into the domain. Certain qualifications can help you flourish your goal as an insurance agent. Although states may vary in their requirements when it comes to hiring an insurance agent, one can always get a professional’s opinion at staterequirement.com, so they can check the proper qualification requirements needed to get hired for the job. Interested individuals can find multiple job opportunities by browsing through the portal, in any area of their preference. There are multiple companies that are up for hiring insurance agents.

With that being said, let’s take a look into what qualifications you must meet to be hired by an insurance company.

Get a bachelor’s degree

Although a high school diploma would suffice for the primary qualifications required for an insurance agent, a bachelor’s degree will give you an upper hand in the domain. It will do more than increase your value as an insurance agent, as you will know the subjects that will be of great use in the practical world. Having a degree in business and finance can prove to be of great advantage.

Psychology and marketing have also been proven to be a great asset as they can understand the need of their clients better and adjust their marketing skills likewise.

Know your field of interest

An insurance company covers numerous insurances, from property to life; it becomes difficult for insurance to have sufficient knowledge of all types. When starting as an insurance agent, it is best to focus on only one type of insurance to give you the practice as well as develop your dexterity in the field. These specialties are known as “lines of authority.” Issuing a license in their line of authority is mandatory for agents to be hired and become recognized as a qualified insurance agent.

Meet the pre-license requirements

Certain constraints must be dealt with before sitting for your license exam. These requirements vary from state to state. These requirements can be of having a certain diploma, completing a course, or even attending a class.

Getting the license

To get your license issued in your line of authority, you must pay certain fees that may be different for all lines of authority. Different states offer different charges for issuing your license.


Certain skills will help you grow as an insurance agent that will add to your market value.

  • Analytical skills: For an insurance agent, it must be borne in mind that their offered coverages are convincing enough for the professional clients to buy into them. Every element of risk must be analyzed with great precaution.
  • Customer-service skill: Maintaining professionalism in your line of field is a necessity. Giving an unusually unprofessional impression will do you more harm than good. A good insurance agent must be able to discuss insurance plans with their clients making them feel at ease and comfort and not intimidated.
  • Initiative: It is an integral part of insurance agents to search for potential clients and get them to buy the insurance, convincing them of the benefits that lie ahead. Looking for the right clients is a skill that all insurance agents should possess.
  • Confidence: There are going to be a lot of rejections and frustrations for an insurance agent in their line of work. But they must keep going with their work, without any second thought holding them back. A good insurance agent remains professional, calm, and steady, regardless of the situation. This is what charms most potential clients into buying their insurance.

Granting insurance is certainly not a piece of cake. It takes years of practice to be recognized as a professional insurance agent. Your education plays a major role in this field. You could start your career as an insurance agent as a high school graduate or by obtaining a graduate degree, they both add to different market value to your sales. Certainly, a university graduate will have more experience with sales considering his/her time practicing in the given field, but for a highschool graduate, passing standardized tests and obtaining licenses can help them grow just as much.

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