Published on 2016-11-15

Elavon UK, a company that delivers reliable, secure, and innovative payment solutions, leveraging the world’s best technologies for its customers, from large worldwide enterprises to locally-owned small businesses has recently published a Whitepaper about how “Internet of Things” will shape the ways businesses buy and sell.

Commerce is entering into a period of unprecedented change – a wave of innovation unlike anything seen before.

At the heart of this transformation is new technology – and specifically the connected web of smart devices we call the Internet Of Things. Over the next decade, the nature of buying and selling will itself be transformed as new participants explore ways to harness this infrastructure, applying disruptive business models to once predictable markets.

This isn’t just a technology story though; consumers are active participants in this revolution. It is their conscious participation in the data-for-service value exchange that creates new opportunities for the brave and threatens commercial irrelevance for the laggards.


Embracing the Economy of Things

A whitepaper that considers how the Internet of Things will shape the ways businesses buy and sell.


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