Volume 20 | Issue 2 | Year 2017

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At Ascend Performance Materials’ site in Greenwood, South Carolina, we’ve been producing a diverse portfolio of PA66 fiber products for nearly 60 years. We make bulked continuous filament fiber for carpet manufacturing; industrial fibers for high-tenacity and technical-fiber applications such as tire yarn and airbag production; and PA66 polymer chip used to make textile fibers, technical fibers, molded parts and non-woven fibers.

“South Carolina is a great place to grow a business. We’re currently expanding our operations in Greenwood to increase our polymer production. This will make Greenwood the primary fiber production location for Ascend. The project will bring $3.8 million in investments and 20 new jobs to South Carolina.

“Expanding polymer production lines at our Greenwood facility is good for South Carolina and good for Ascend. It allows us to take advantage of the expertise we’ve built for decades to deliver the best quality and service to our customers.”

–Hal McCord, site director, Greenwood

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