July 8, 2019

Interior décor and salesmanship are the two main factors that continue to determine a car dealership’s success rate, even though information on vehicles, manufacturers, and different models is easily available online today.

The General Conception

It is mostly believed that in today’s day and age, the customers already know what they want, before entering a car or bike showroom. It is a plausible concept as well, given that after real estate, vehicles are usually the costliest, single expenses in the average person’s life.

It should be natural for most customers to have prepared a budget and decided on a model before entering the shop because the internet has made information readily available.

The Actual Situation is Different

In spite of the general concept and its firm logic, that is not found to be the actual situation since most car dealership owners report that interior décor and salesmanship plays a bigger role in automotive retail.

Information Cannot Compete with the Actual Experience Within a Showroom

The main reason why online information is behind salesmanship and interior décor, as a decision-making factor in the automotive retail business, has a lot to do with the fundamental difference which exists between the virtual world and the real world.

Lines of text, images, and even videos cannot compete with the experience of being in an actual showroom and taking the car out for a trial drive. Coupling that with the power of suggestion which most expert car sales professionals have mastered, makes the showroom visit a completely different situation and experience than what most customers are internally prepared for.

Lighting and the Décor Affects the Customers Subconsciously

WR Meadows has utilized their custom INDUROSHINE floor polishing process to create glass-like shine on the concrete floors of a motorcycle showroom located in Ottawa, Ontario. On visiting the official website, viewers can check out the kind of shine WR Meadows managed to achieve, and how the light seems to slip off the shiny floor of the showroom, only to reflect back on the bikes.

After taking a look at this project and how strategically the lights were utilized to use the shine, it isn’t hard to imagine the kind of an impact and impression that can have on a visiting customer.

Information on the Internet Still Plays a Big Role

Information on the internet is meant to create awareness and that is precisely what it does for customers looking to buy new cars. It enables them to not only learn about new cars, makes and models, but the online marketing embedded in the available information leads them to the businesses that sell those cars. While customers may not be taking the final decision based on online information, it still plays a big role in creating awareness and helping the customers make a more informed choice.

Even leading names in the automotive retail business admit that some customers have mindsets that cannot be altered, but such instances are rare. Mostly though, it seems that with the right interior décor and the help of good salespeople, it is possible to change the minds of customers, even in this age of information.

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